Visa Subclass 887

Eligibility and Requirements For Visa Subclass 887 in Australia


But The skilled regional visa subclass 887 in Australia is a visa for permanent residence in Australia. People who have worked and lived in a particular part of Australia are eligible for this visa. Keep reading to discover more about how to obtain this particular visa.

Benefits of Visa Subclass 887

Some of the benefits that a subclass 887 visa holder can enjoy are as follows:

  • Reside in Australia for an indefinite period

  • Study and work at any institution in Australia

  • Apply for citizenship in Australia

  • Enrol in Medicare which is the universal health scheme in Australia

  • Sponsor eligible relative for various permanent and temporary Australian visas

  • Travel from and to Australia for five years from the day of visa grant

  • After the expiry of the five year travel period, you won’t be able to re-enter Australia. Either a Resident Return visa or any other suitable visa needs to obtain.

Documents for Subclass 887

Some documents that you need to submit with your visa subclass 887 application are as follows:

  • Passport: If you don’t have a valid passport, you won’t be able to acquire this visa. So your passport should be updated, and you need to submit a copy with the required information.

  • Identification documents: The applicant needs to submit a copy of their national ID card if they have one. You also need to show other proof of identification. If you have changed your name, you need to submit proof of that with the visa application.

  • Evidence of work: Need to show that you have worked full time for a minimum of 35 hrs every week for a year. You need to have worked in a low population growth area and any other designated area in Australia.

  • Proof of residence: If you want to obtain this visa, you need to provide proof that you have resided in an approved area. You should have held a work visa during your period of stay.

  • Evidence of character: You need to submit police verification documents to show evidence of good character. Apart from that, you also need to fill up forms 80 and form 1221.

  • English language proficiency proof: You need to provide evidence that your English language proficiency is at least functional.

  • Documents required for your partner/spouse: Your spouse or partner also need to provide identification proof. They also require to submit a character certificate. Your spouse also needs to present the marriage certificate.

  • Documents for your minor children: The birth certificate of your minor children needs to be submitted. You also need to fill up the prenatal permission form 1229. A statutory declaration need to submit with the visa application.

  • Documents For Your Adult Dependent Children: Identification proof of your adult dependent children need to be submitted with a character certificate. Your relationship with your adult dependent children also needs to be proven.

Who Is Eligible for the 887 Visa?

The 887 visa Australia is granted if you fulfil these eligibility criteria:

  • You need to hold a visa for at least two years before applying for a subclass 887 visa. The visas that are eligible for this include the following:

    • A skilled regional visa subclass 489

    • Skilled designated area sponsored visa subclass 496

    • A skilled regional sponsored visa subclass 487

    • Skilled regional sponsored visa subclass 475

    • Skilled independent regional visa subclass 495

    • A bridging visa A or a bridging visa B

  • You need to fulfil the residency requirements, which needs the applicant to stay in Australia for at least two years before making the application.

  • You need to meet various work requirements before applying for this visa. The applicant needs to work full time in a low population growth area or any other designated area in Australia.

Credentials of Servicing

You need to specify the endorsement of your line of work in the official parchment of the manager who is giving the character certificate but the endorsement needs to contain details about your manager’s whereabouts and contact details.

The name, job designation, and contact information of the person providing the credentials must put their initials on view. Your work experience duration should also state in your line of work’s endorsement. Some other information that needs to include is income, responsibilities, and type of service.

Self-Employment Proofs

The 887 Subclass visa applicants who are self-employe need to put forward the following documents:

  • Inspect banking declaration

  • Organisation lodgement papers

  • Background of your firm

  • Levying certificates

  • Elements of business and promotions

  • Major proofs of prospect

  • Executive corporation fellowship

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Application Process to Apply for Visa Subclass 887

If you want to apply for visa subclass 887 online, visit ImmiAccount. It is an online platform where Australian visa applications can be made. After creating an account on the platform, you can apply for any visa you want. The account will offer you instructions regarding the successful submission of your visa application.

You should arrange all the documents that you need to provide with the application. The documents need to be in English, and if they aren’t, you should translate them. You should know that the visa application fee needs to be paid in advance so that your visa gets process.

Processing Time of Visa Subclass 887

The processing time varies from one applicant to another. Typically, the visa will process within an average of 23 to 24 months. The processing time of the visa subclass 887 might be longer so if the applicant makes mistakes.

The applicant might not submit all the necessary documents. The authorities might also ask for additional documents from the applicant. So all these situations lead to increased processing time.

But the processing time can be shortened as much as possible with the help of an immigration agent Adelaide. They will be able to offer you proper guidance regarding the visa application process. So it will ensure that you are submitting all the necessary documents with your application.

Cost of Skilled Regional Visa 887

The main applicant of visa subclass 887 should pay an application fee of AUD 425. A separate application fee needs to be paid for all the accompanying family members. Apart from the application fee, some additional expenses include health checks, police verification, and other biometrics.

A second instalment is often require if the accompanying family members do not know the functional level of English. The second instalment fee is applicable for every family member above the age of 18 years who can’t provide English language competence proof. The second instalment fee is around AUD 4,890.

Wrapping up

The visa subclass 887 is a convenient way to obtain permanent residence in Australia. So you should follow all the instructions to ensure that your visa application does not get reject. Hiring a migration agent Adelaide will be beneficial as they will guide you at every step of the visa application.

So you need to be careful while hiring a migration agent. The migration agent should have adequate experience to offer you the right instructions. Check out reviews about the agent before hiring them. But you will also have to pay the fees of the migration agent. Therefore, look for a migration agent who offers efficient services reasonably.

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