Fifteen EPF Benefits You Might Not Know About


Every youngster, regardless of their age, looks forward to vacations and plans and fantasizes about all the fun they will have. We plan for further education and college as we go through our education and age. Our thoughts will eventually turn to our professions. When a person reaches this stage, he will begin to consider how to secure the family’s future. Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a well-known investing scheme for private-sector employees that offers tax savings as well as other benefits.

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When it comes to retirement planning, the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a valuable resource.

What is an Employee Provident Fund, and how does it work?

The Central Board of Trustees manages and administers it, and it includes representatives from three parties: employees, employers, and the government. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization assists with the activities of this body (EPFO). 

This programme intends to encourage employees to save for post-retirement use in the country. EPF is a fund to which both the company and the employees contribute every month.


What are the EPF Account Eligibility Criteria?

  • Employees must become active members of the programme in order to take advantage of the benefits.
  • Employees are eligible for benefits such as insurance, the Provident Fund, and pensions from the day they begin working for the company.
  • EPF benefits are available to employees who work for a company with a minimum of 20 employees.

EPF Account Benefits

Employees can take advantage of some fantastic epf benefits.

  • Savings that are tax-free

The EPF system offers specified interest rates on deposits at predetermined rates determined by the organization. Both the actual deposited amount and the amount of interest received on the deposits are considered tax-free by the Indian government. Any withdrawal made after the completion of the 5-year period or the maturity of the programme is totally tax-free. This feature of the plan will help the employee receive higher advantages in the form of more savings income. This will take the shape of a loan.

  • Financial Stability Over Time

The funds deposited in this type of account are not easily withdrawn by the user, which helps to secure savings.

  • Job Termination/Resignation

After a month from the date of his or her resignation, the employee can withdraw 75% of his or her EPF money.

  • Unexpected occurrences

In the event of an emergency, the employee can use the accrued funds. The employee has the option of withdrawing the funds early. In exceptional circumstances, the programme permits for such early withdrawal.

  • Loss of income/unemployment

There may be instances where an employee loses their current employment due to a variety of factors. The monies can be utilized to cover that person’s expenses during these times.

  • Death

In the event that the employee passes away, the collected sum, including interest, is distributed to the employee’s nominee. These epf after-death benefits will assist the family in getting through the difficult times.

  • Lay-off

This fund can be used by a person in the event of a sudden retrenchment or layoff from their work until they find another stable job. This is yet another epf tax advantage.

  • Employee’s Disabilities

If the employee is unable to work or is no longer in a position to work, the money will be available to them, and they will be able to use it to assist them get through their difficult time.

  • Long-Term Investments

This strategy is foolproof and secure for those looking to make long-term investments.

  • Period of Retirement

The employee can use the fund that has been accumulated under the scheme when he retires. The retiring employee will benefit from this programme in the form of financial security. Almost everyone will benefit from the epf retirement benefits.

  • Funds’ Liquidity

This strategy will provide an additional source of income for the individual in a time of financial hardship. The monies gained in this manner can be utilised to cover inevitable expenses such as education or medication.

  • Pension Plan

The company also contributes to the employee’s pension and to the PF fund, which the employee can access after retirement. Epf pension benefits are really beneficial.

  • Accessible From Anywhere

Employees will be able to conveniently access their PF account via the EPF member portal once they acquire the Universal Account Number (UAN). They would be able to move their accounts if they desire to change jobs in this manner.

  • Scheme of Insurance

This statute includes requirements requiring the employer of the organization to contribute to the employee’s life insurance, but it does not include group insurance. 

  • Occasions Unique to You

You can withdraw up to 50% of your contributions from your account for exceptional occasions such as a wedding, children’s education, self-education, or sibling education. These advantages are available to the member three times. To be eligible for these benefits, the member must have served for at least seven years. The members should also have all of the necessary documentation for the events.

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