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Family Disputes – How to Determine If You Need a Family Lawyer


While some individuals are able to reach an amicable decision with another individual in a family law dispute and maintain a healthy relationship, the majority of individuals who go through these types of disputes can benefit from the assistance of having a family lawyer.

Family law disputes are some of the most contentious cases because the stakes are so high when children or property rights are involved. Here are a few indicators to help you see when you need a lawyer for your case.

Domestic Violence Is Involved

If there has been a history of domestic violence, you are not on an even playing field with the other party. You may enter into decisions because you fear the repercussions of not agreeing with your spouse or former partner. Hiring a lawyer can help prevent you from being directly involved in some interactions, such as by having a lawyer voice your preferences and point of view without having to be there personally in front of your abuser.

Additionally, a family Lawyer Melbourne can help take the steps necessary to protect the parent and child in this type of situation. He or she may also be able to advise you about how you can access the financial resources that you need to help make it through the dispute.

You Don’t Agree

If you are going through divorce, there are several key aspects that you must agree on in order for your divorce. For example, you must be able to reach an agreement about how to dispose of your marital property. Additionally, you must be able to agree on terms regarding your children, such as custody, parenting plans, visitation and child support. If spousal income will be awarded, this issue should also be hammered out.

Even if you do not initially agree on these terms, you may be able to seek the assistance of a neutral third party mediator to reach a decision regarding these matters. If you do reach an agreement on these key issues, you may still want to have an attorney review the settlement and inform you of any potential consequences of your agreement. Otherwise, if you do not agree on these issues, you may need the assistance of a family law attorney to represent your side in the dispute.

You Need Assistance in Collecting Evidence

If you need evidence in your family law case, you may need the assistance of an attorney. You may need evidence in a variety of family law cases. For example, you may need evidence to prove that a spouse is having an affair in order to get more favorable terms.

To Help in the Filing of Paperwork

Whatever family case you’re facing, a good family lawyer like Ghothane Lawyers can assist you in paperwork. When you don’t have any legal experience, you might be overwhelmed by all the necessary documents that you should draft and file correctly.

You Can Meet the Legal Standard

Each state provides for a specific legal standard that must be met in each type of case. For example, many states use the “best interest of the child” standard in determining to whom to award child custody.

During child custody, the standard in many states to change this award is when a material change in circumstance occurs. This means that some type of event must have arisen that provides a basis for the court to amend a previous order.

Family law may also cover:

  • Family court proceedings
  • Drafting legally binding financial agreements and documents
  • Domestic violence
  • Child protection proceedings
  • Spousal maintenance

Divorce lawyers can also help with:

  • Lodging sole applications for divorce
  • Lodging joint applications for divorce
  • Negotiate in court on your behalf
  • Help you split liabilities
  • Protect your interests, get the best possible settlement and outcome

Applying for a grant of legal assistance

Melbourne based family lawyers and private lawyers who do legal aid work can help you fill out and submit an application form for free. They can also help you get information that supports your application.

Make your choice

Divorce, as many people know, can be a very expensive process. Selecting a family lawyer in Melbourne to represent you in your divorce case is more than just lifting a name off the internet. The lawyer-client relationship includes common contact during an expressively hard time in your life. Your relationship with your divorce lawyer may endure for months and, in some cases, years. It is vital to find and involve the person who is accurate for you and your case.

Find a family lawyer you can trust and rely on

How to find a family lawyer Melbourne you can trust and rely on? With so many family law firms in Melbourne, it can be hard to find best one for your case. If you don’t have a lawyer, we will allocate one according to who we think can help you best.

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