Facts About Laptop Batteries

Amazing Facts About Laptop Batteries You Probably Didn’t Know


wModern laptops available in the markets are equipped with gigantic batteries to provide you up to 18 hours of non-interrupted work. However, so many background processes and activities keep continuing, which leaves a significant impact on the replacement battery. Here we’ve compiled all the interesting facts regarding laptop battery usage alongside tips and tricks to prolong it quite easily.

Amazing Facts About Laptop Battery Usage

  • Outside Temperature and Updates

The outside temperature leaves a huge impact on the battery life of your laptop, therefore, it’s good to keep it away from tremendous temperature – less than 0 degree-Celsius or more than 35 degree-Celsius. Both giants named Apple and Microsoft have been striving hard to make batteries user-friendly through different OS updates. So, be sure to keep updating your laptop to the latest version as soon as updates arrive.

  • Display and Brightness

A component that consumes a lot of power is named the “Display” of your laptop. Therefore, if you want to get plentiful hours of juice, it’s important to decrease the brightness, or it would be great if you turn on the automatic brightness adjustment feature. Besides, automatic dimming and shutdown timing are other effective ways to reduce the usage of the screen.

  • Check Background Running Apps

Keep checking what kind of apps or services are running in the background and if you see any particular app or service which you’re not using, turn it off with immediate effects to save some juice for other important tasks. Also, you should turn off all the connectivity modems if not in use, such as 4G modems, Bluetooth, and most importantly, Wi-Fi. Additionally, remove all USB dongles if you’re not using as these things use a small amount of battery even when idle.

  • Use Cold Storage to Increase Battery Life

If you take good care of a laptop battery, it’s then possible to store long-term batteries in a cold environment. In a safe and sealed bag in which air cannot be entered. Position a half-charged laptop battery and store them at a temperature that doesn’t go below -20 degree-Celsius.

  • Modification in Settings

Today’s all contemporary laptops are equipped with some kind of special service that can control the power usage of laptops. So, make changes in the settings to get the best optimum results with ease. Also, make sure your laptop is plugged into a wall properly if you charge portable devices using a USB power cable. Be noted that charging devices drain your laptop’s battery in a meaningful way.

  • Show and Brightness

A part that consumes numerous energy is called the “Show” of your laptop. Due to this fact, if you wish to get plentiful hours of juice, it’s necessary to lower the brightness. Or it could be nice if you happen to turn on a computerized brightness adjustment function. Moreover, computerized dimming and shutdown timing are different efficient methods to scale back the utilization of the display screen.

  • Test Background Operating Apps

Maintain checking what sort of apps or providers are operating within the background and if you happen to see any explicit app or service which you’re not utilizing, flip it off with fast results to avoid wasting juice for different necessary duties. Additionally, you need to turn off all of the connectivity modems if not in use, similar to 4G modems, Bluetooth, and most significantly, Wi-Fi. Moreover, take away all USB dongles if you happen to’re not utilizing them as these items use a small quantity of battery even when idle.

  • Use Chilly Storage to Enhance Battery Life

In case you take excellent care of a laptop computer battery. It’s then doable to retail long-term batteries in chilly surroundings. In a protected and sealed bag through, Which air can’t be entered. And retail them at a temperature that doesn’t go beneath -20 degree-Celsius.

Some Extra Important Tips

It’s better to understand that you shouldn’t perform multitasking when it’s on charging. It’s great if you hibernate your laptop instead of putting it on standby mode. Always use lower sound volume to increase battery life, and if you have an OLED display. Don’t view pure bright or white images as they drain the power fast.

Furthermore, always place your laptop on a table and avoid placing it on the floor or carpet, blanket, pillow, or other soft surfaces. It’s because soft surfaces prevent airflow, and it ultimately leads to a heating problem. Above and beyond, it’s a smart move to don’t leave your laptop’s battery unused for a long.

What’s more?

Approx. every well-recognized brand such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, and others are using Lithium-Ion batteries that don’t create trouble normally. However, if an ultrabook battery in your laptop isn’t Li-Ion, then it’s mandatory to put it on charge before it reaches 0% otherwise, it may reduce the efficiency meaningfully.

Try to leave your laptop plugged in for as long as possible. It’ll get power from a power grid rather than the battery. And at last, if your laptop comes with both standalone and built-in GPU Chipset. It’s a smart move to turn to a built-in one to save the battery significantly.

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