Factors to choose A Personal Loan for salaried individuals


A personal loan is an ideal option for individuals as it provides a quick influx of cash to meet necessary living expenses. The lowest rate personal loan helps an individual manage their financial obligations well.

Individuals borrow a loan to meet their life goals and objectives, including meeting educational expenses, consolidating their debt, planning weddings, starting commercial ventures, etc.

According to a recent report, the total number of salaried employees is around 6.8 crores. Sometimes a stable monthly income falls short for salaried employees to meet their varied personal and professional requirements.

By obtaining an instant loan for salaried, borrowers can meet umpteen financial requirements such as debt consolidation, emergency expenses, medical expenditures, etc. However, borrowers must consider these 5 points before obtaining this credit facility to ensure a hassle-free repayment.

These are some important factors that one needs to consider while applying for a personal loan for salaried. Besides, individuals need to read the loan agreement properly along with the terms and conditions to avoid any financial trouble in the long run.

Personal loan for salaried individuals

Owing to digitization, various financial institutions are developing applications through which borrowers can apply for small personal loans online without any hassle of documentation.

However, before proceeding with the application of personal loans, individuals must consider the following factors to avoid complications during loan processing.

  • Assess loan amount requirement and apply

One of the favorable rules of smart borrowing is assessing the exact credit requirement before applying for any loan. Since EMIs are a significant financial obligation for the borrowers, it is wise not to exceed more than 40% of the salary. In such cases, borrowers must assess their FOIR and apply for credit accordingly. Since personal loans do not demand any collateral, borrowers often end up over-borrowing. Therefore, lenders offer small personal loans for salaried and self-employed to be repaid easily to resolve this issue.

  • Choose repayment tenor carefully

Though various lenders offer pliable repayment tenor, it is wise to opt for a shorter tenor by assessing the affordability. Although individuals with a lower monthly income always seek a longer tenor as it makes EMIs affordable, it increases the overall interest outgo throughout the tenor. In such a scenario, borrowers can choose a personal loan online EMI calculator to find the right personal loan that will work for them.

  • Consider interest rates and other charges

After deciding the exact loan amount that individuals want to borrow, one must check out one of the crucial factors determining the entire loan amount: the interest rate. However, borrowers consider various factors before offering affordable interest rates such as CIBIL score, income, employment, etc. A minor difference in interest rate can significantly impact the entire loan cost. Before applying for a personal loan for salaried, borrowers must plan well as lower interest rates will lead to lower EMIs and consequently ease the repayment.

In addition, borrowers must check other loan charges imposed by the lenders, such as processing fees, prepayment and foreclosure charges, etc.

  • Check eligibility impacting factors

Before applying for any loan, borrowers must check the eligibility parameters, which will help them ensure a hassle-free loan application. In terms of personal loans for salaried, lenders check the below-listed parameters before sanctioning the loan amount.

  • Applicants must be an Indian citizen
  • Age should be between 21-67 years
  • CIBIL score should be 750 or above
  • Applicant’s salary should be Rs. 22,000 or higher depending on the city of residence

If your CIBIL score is getting you down you must opt for certain financial strategies. Such as clearing existing debts repaying EMIs on time etc. Apart from knowing how to avail a personal loan for salaried with a poor credit score. One should ensure that this score does not drop further in the future.

  • Assess repayment ability

Before applying for a loan, borrowers need to prepare for their repayment. Individuals can do this by receiving income from investments towards paying EMIs. But one must ensure that their income is sufficient to repay the loan amount. In such cases, one can use a personal loan calculator to evaluate monthly EMI and plan repayment accordingly. Besides, one must also consider financial obligations and debt repayment before availing of loans to avoid discrepancies in the future.

Leading financiers like Bajaj Finserv offer personal loans for salaried at affordable interest rates and flexible tenor. Individuals can choose a Flexi personal loan to increase the benefits where they need to pay the interest only on the withdrawn amount.

Besides, these NBFCs extend pre-approved offers that simplify and accelerate loan processing. These offers are available on a wide range of financing options such as personal loans, business loans, credit cards, etc. Individuals can check their pre-approved offers by mentioning their essential credentials.

These are some important factors that one needs to consider while applying for a personal loan for salaried. Besides, individuals need to read the loan agreement properly along with the terms and conditions. To avoid any financial trouble in the long run.

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