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Eyeliner Packaging Supplier: Customboxeszone understands the need of the market and the thoughts of clients. Cosmetics are 100% ladies’ industry, and they are never attracting unappealing packaging. To attract the target customers, we introduce many styles of custom eyeliner boxes like auto-locks bottom, sleeve box, gable box, tray box, 1, 2, 3 auto-locks bottoms, display box, clamshell, Chinese takeout, bottom closure, one-piece, two-piece, and fold and also assemble the box.

You can take boxes according to the product’s need. Our extraordinary printing produces eye-catchy packaging for eyeliner. Eyeliner is a small product to make it prominent; we use various processes like window die-cut, embellishment, animation, and also aqueous coating. These processes are unique in their work and grab the attentiveness of consumers.

Moreover, we propose a list of add-on components that help to make the boxes luxuries. We use high-quality materials like cardboard, corrugated, and also Kraft for all processes. To make your packaging lavish, contact our team that is available 24/7?

Custom Packaging for Eyeliners

Packaging is the only thing that stands in the market on behalf of your company. So, it must be appealing and also eye-catchy to grab the heed of clients. Custom packaging means giving your box a specific color because people are fed up with simple brown boxes.

Next, design the logo according to your company or products. The logo is the name of the company. So, it must be unique and classy. People recognize your product by your packaging, especially your logo.

The font size and also style also matter in the customs procedure. We offer custom cartons, sealing, shipping boxes, and custom mailers. Our designers always suggest using a simple but appealing font design that should be readable and classy.

Increase the Charm of Custom Packaging

Customization is the initial and important step for Eyeliner Packaging Supplier. The designers understand the packaging should be according to the product’s nature because people identify the product by its packaging, and irrelevant packaging decreases the value of products. We use magnificent colors like CMYK and also PMS. CMYK slant for cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow, and black.

PMS has a variety of colors, but you can use CMYK and PMS colors to blend and also create a new one. To increase the charm of custom packaging, we use window die-cut methods. A specific piece of box is cut in many shapes as you require. This die-cut enhances the charm of the box and catches consumers’ attention.

Suitable Material For Eyeliner Packaging Supplier

Our ecological Material helps to stand out eyeliner packaging in the market. It also works great for box customization. The Material that we are using is cardboard, corrugated, and also Kraft.

Cardboard Cases

It is a long-lasting case and gives perfect results after customization. Cardboard is renew and highly used Material in the packaging market. The company owner prefers it because its outer layer protects the product and maintains its features. Our company has three varieties of cardboard-like rigid boxes, folding cartons, and corrugated boxes.

Rigid boxes can collapse, and they cannot fold easily. Rigid boxes are prefer for high-value products because of their sturdy nature. Folding cartons are flexible by nature, and it is used for cereal, medicines, soaps, and also perfumes.

The Basic Advantages Of Cardboards

  • It can customize with various printing and also artwork easily.
  • According to protection level, it can produce in various variations.
  • It is environmental Material.
  • Its manufacturing is affordable.
  • It can use as thermal insulation because it keeps away the products from moisture.

Corrugated Cases

It is manufacture with archer sheets. It is design with various layers of sheets. The layers vary on the requirements of the items. Corrugated is an ideal material due to its characteristics like:

  • It is a sustainable and also sturdy Material.
  • It supports heavy items while transporting.
  • The corrugated cases are ideal for printing processes.
  • It is an ecological material.

Kraft Paper

Our company provides natural Kraft paper, bleached Kraft paper, black Kraft paper, and also color Kraft paper.

Styling Of Packaging Boxes

To attract the target customers, we introduce many styles of Eyeliner Packaging Supplier like auto-locks bottom, sleeve box, gable box, tray box, 1, 2, 3 auto-locks bottoms, display box, clamshell, Chinese takeout, bottom closure, one-piece, two-piece, fold and also assemble the box.

Auto-Locks Bottom

It is designe in such a way that it locks the box automatically, which reduces the risk of falling.

Gable Box

It makes the eyeliner boxes attractive because it has a small handle on their top. You can hold the box easily from this handle.

Tray Box

It is slide-to-reveal that makes the experience positive for clients. It is also known as a drawer box.

One-Piece Box

It is considered best for eyeliner and also Kajol products because it is design for one product.

Display Box

It works as a showcase in which you can display your products. Our stunning printing methodologies make these styles more adorable. The remarkable printing is offset printing, flexography printing, screen printing, 3D printing, and also digital printing.

Moreover, we come with top-ranked add-on components, for example, emboss, debus, raised ink, perforation, aqueous coating, insertion, embellishments, PVC sheet, UV spot, and also animation. Animation is the latest way to insert images on custom hair extensions packagingAqueous coating is a popular water-based technique applied to protect the boxes from water.

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