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Everything You Need To Know About The RV Storage Facility

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When the temperature drops and the winter season starts arriving, then all RVers start thinking about storing their expensive vehicle at a safe place or at RV storage daphne AL. Storing your RV for the off-season is a good idea because it is the best way to extend the lifespan of your vehicle.  

What Is RV Storage?

The RV Storage is rental storage unit specifically designed for Recreational Vehicles (RVs), boats, trailers, etc. These are wisely designed to keep RVs and boats safe, especially during the harsh winter season.

Why RV Storage?

You may be thinking why should you take rental storage units such as RV storage daphne AL for your RVs rather than storing them at your own property. The biggest reason for storing your RV at professional storage units than your own property is security.  

When you store the RVs on private land or on your driveway, then thieves and burglars want to take the advantage of the opportunity. At the professional storage facility, surveillance cameras, electronic gates, and all other necessary security features are available. It means that your expensive RVs are safe in professional storage space.

Cost of RV Storage

The different RV Storage facility providers charge differently based on the location of the storage unit and facilities they are offering. Basically, there are four main factors that help in deciding the cost of storage, and these are Location, Size of Storage Unit, Type of Storage Facility, and Services Provided.

Different Types of RV Storage


This storage option is quite affordable and easily available between the range of $30-$100/month. The outdoor storage unit can vary from the open field to gravel surface, to the parking lot. These storage areas are fenced from all directions. The good outdoor storage units also have webcam features for high security. At these storage units, one RV will be stored with another RV of different sizes and types. Along with RVs, you will also find boats, boat trailers, etc.


The covered storage units offer good protection from snow, hail, rain, and sun. But your vehicle would be outside under a certain type of cover. The price of storage varies from $75-$200/month. But this price varies with the location of the storage unit.


The indoor storage unit such as storage Spanish fort AL offers the best protection to your RV, even during extreme climatic conditions. Some indoor units resemble aeroplane hangars and some look like big size garages. The best indoor units are those that have heat, electricity, a webcam, and other important features. The cost of storage in these indoor units is $300 to $500/month.

Preparing for RV Storage

Once you have selected the appropriate storage unit for your RV, then next you need to prepare your RV for storage. You should follow the checklist to reduce the surprises when you come back to take your RV. Tips to prepare your RV for storage are described below:

  • Additional Security: You may have selected the secure storage unit for your RV, but it is a good idea to consider extra security. If you are storing the travel trailer, then use a hitch lock. Before storing the RV trailer, you should change the entry locks.  
  • Remove Perishables: You should thoroughly clean your RV before storing and getting rid of all perishable items. You should check the fridge and freezer to make sure that there are no perishable items left behind. Also, leave both doors slightly opened to allow air circulation. Remove Valuables: Remove anything of value, including personal papers.
  • Create a Battery Plan: If the RV is drive-able, then it is imperative to look for a plan to ensure the safety of the chassis battery and your house batteries.
  • Wash your RV and Prep: You should thoroughly wash your RV to get rid of the harmful road grime and lubricate the moving parts, and completely cover the tires of the RV.
  • Protect RV From Pest: Pests like rodents can lead to various problems in the RV. Therefore, it is imperative to get rid of all those things along with perishable items which are loved by rodents. It includes non-perishable food, textiles, etc. You should look for rodent repellant techniques so that they stay away from your RV.
  • Buy Required Fuel For Generator: If you have purchased a generator, then it is important to make sure that you have enough propane to quickly start the generator.
  • Visit your RV: You should visit the RV storage unit once a month to check the condition of your vehicle. You should ask the storage facility provider whether they offer any RV concierge services or not.

Final Words

Storing your RV in the storage units like self-storage in daphne al may need a little bit of investment, but it ensures that your RV will stay safe for a long period of time. 

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