Everything You Need To Know About Special Education?


Special education is the study about children with disability. It is also the study of children who is different socially, mentally and physically from other’s children. When we see the past people called these abnormal persons but now these are all persons called differentiable persons. It is also said that children with special needs.

Historical Background:

In the past people treat these persons badly. Firstly, family do not accept these children. Your family is a big support for you when your family do not accept you die at a time. But we become a brave and courageous. However, now these are all the part of our society. Our society will accept all these Children.

Some categories of Special Education:

Here we discuss about different categories of special education.

  • Autism.
  • Deaf-blindness.
  • Emotional disturbance.
  • Hearing impairment.
  • Intellectual disability.
  • Multiple disabilities.
  • Orthopedic impairment.
  • Speech or language impairment.
  • Traumatic brain injury.
  • Specific learning disability.


Autism in which persons affect verbal and non- verbal communication. A child who shows the autism after age 3. It disturbs the daily routine activities.


In which hearing and visual impairment. It disturbs our educational activities. Many children have deaf and blind.


It is a hearing impairment in which persons disturbs all the time that adversely affects the child education. It disturbs our sensory or intellectual factors. Behavior or feelings are not a normal way.

Intellectual disability:

In which your behavior is changing during the developmental period. It affects all your activities and educational performances.

Multiple disabilities:

Multiple disabilities in which many disabilities like hearing, deaf, intellectual, blindness and etc.

Orthopedic impairment:

In which your bones are not a normal way. Any physical disability occurs and your bones are fractured during early childhood or after.

Speech or language impairment:

It a communication disorder. The persons are not speak as a normal persons.

Traumatic brain injury:

It means any brain injury because of external physical force. It is congenital or developmental injury when some accidents occur and you got an injury at brain.

Specific learning disability:

Specific learning disability in which child has spoken or written disorder. They do not learning correctly.

Purpose of special education:

The main purpose of education to grow our economy and make our society good and go our economy at a higher level. But when we see about the purpose of special education is that the children with special needs provide all the basic rights who do not provide the family and society. But when we give all the basic rights these persons feel free and make a good members for our society. It main purpose is integration or mainstreaming in which these child studies in a regular classroom these are also study special classrooms.

Advantages of special Education teacher:

We discuss about many benefits of special education in our society.

  1. You will become a skill full person.
  2. The teachers of special education are highly demand.
  3. They work short time as compared to others teachers.
  4. You will get many benefits in this field.
  5. Your earns a large money.
  6. You earn a great reward in this field.
  7. The education will be more individualized.
  8. The ratio of students increases when you provide a good environment.
  9. Special child make your friends.
  10. You will develop good relations with special child and their family.

Disadvantages of Special Education:

  • When we see the advantages of something we can also see the some disadvantages. Here we see the some disadvantages of special education.
  • First lack of integration.
  • Stigma.
  • Negative environment.
  • Social relations.
  • Relationship problems.
  • Disability difficulties.
  • Room environment.
  • Least restrictive environment.
  • Daily impact.
  • Lifelong processes.

Some pros and cons of Special Education Student



Individualized attraction.

The students want rest of the class which means they can isolate.

Students with Specialized approach.

potential for students.

Class sizes are small.

Suitable environment for every child.


Special education is a highly demanding career. When you become a special educationist you earn a great reward from Allah and make this child how these are living in society with freely. Family accept them all the child and behave like a normal persons. We are all the part of our society and all are equal in our Islam and society.

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