Everything You Need To Know About Ceramic Tiles before buying

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Ceramic tiles are one of the types of tiles that use to cover walls and floors. Although, Ceramic tiles can be used in both residential and commercial settings, as well as in high and low traffic areas. It is a luxurious type of tile that is used in a variety of settings.

Unlike other tiles, know about ceramic tiles and can be used for decorative projects. Ceramic tiles come in unlimited designs and options to showcase your creativity. From kitchen countertops to bathroom floor renovation, walls, floor and coffee tabletops, you can lay the ceramic tiles almost everywhere. You will get an overview of ceramic by the tilers in Perth as they specialise in providing floor tiling services.

If you have no idea about ceramic tiles, no-worries tilers in Perth can provide you with complete details. The best tilers in Perth exactly know the thorough information about each tile.

Know About Ceramic Tiles Characteristics;

Ceramic tiles come in different types. These tiles have unique qualities that no other tiles have.

  • Ceramic tiles are stain-resistant. These tiles contain a proactive layer that helps keep your floor and wall shiny and new. Therefore, these tiles are more durable and stronger and require no maintenance for a long time. Ceramic tiles will be under mopping, wiping or cleaning.
  • The glazed ceramic tiles are non-porous. As far as ceramic tiles are concerned with water absorption, it is important to know that 3% moisture cannot be used for outdoor use. The water on the ceramic tiles pertains only to the tile’s body.
  • Frost resistance in ceramic tiles goes hand in hand with water absorption. Ceramic tiles absorb less water which is why they are rich in frost resistance. Every type of ceramic tile comes with a label to identify the frost resistance rate.
  • Unglazed ceramic tiles have greater slip resistance than glazed ceramic tiles. Tilers in Perth recommend unglazed ceramic tiles for high water spillage areas.
  • Ceramic tiles are made with natural earth material, that is why the colours and texture on these tiles do not fade. Colours do not affect ceramic tiles, which makes them durable and long-lasting.
  • Dust or residue are not subject to retain on ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are dust resistant and need no polish or buffering to maintain. These tiles can easily get cleaning with plain water or mopping.
  • Ceramic tiles are fire-resistant. These tiles do not get burned and damaged by any type of fire or fuel. During a fire, ceramic tiles protect the structural surface.
  • Ceramic tiles can provide a completely hygienic environment by not absorbing any kind of smell and bacteria. You can install these tiles  in areas where hygiene is essential.

Types of ceramic tiles;

The ceramic material can be found in various types of tiles, but originally ceramic tiles divide into two categories;

  • Unglazed ceramic tiles
  • Glazed ceramic tiles

Unglazed ceramic tiles;

Unglazed ceramic tiles are extremely durable and frost resistant. 

The unfinish exterior is design on unglaze ceramic tiles, that’s why these tiles are suitable for high spillage areas. Unglazed tiles are dense and thick in size.

Unglazed ceramic is a good choice for the floor. 

In terms of safety, tilers in Perth recommend considering these tiles for high traffic areas. Unglazed tiles provide an aesthetic touch because of their texture.

Glazed ceramic tiles;

Glazes ceramic tiles are less dense and thick than unglazed ceramic tiles.

Glazed ceramic tiles are available in a wide range of styles and colours.

The glazed ceramic tiles provide an unlimited array of colours and designs that give a smooth texture to the tile.

Glazed ceramic tiles are more resistant to staining and protected by a non-porous layer of liquid glass.

Ceramic tiles designs

Are you in search of the best and latest ceramic design updates? Well, thanks to the tilers in Perth that have the latest updates about each tile. However, Long gone are the days when only plain, white and square ceramic tiles were available.

The latest ceramic design, styles and sizes as there are introductions by the manufacturers.

Metro tiles

  • The most popular type of ceramic tiles is available in brick shape.
  • One of the best tile style icons which are especially best in use for bathrooms, kitchens and other areas as well.
  • Above 400 designs are available in the shape of the brick, short to long, glazed and unglazed.
  • Metro tiles specially use for wall designing and decoration.

Oakwood tiles;

  • The best selling ceramic tiles are oakwood tiles. Although,These tiles are available in natural wood-like designs
  • The texture on its surface is alive with wood grains and knots.
  • Oakwood tiles are perfect for creating a natural look specially designed for bedrooms, hallways and living room areas.

Otono tiles

  • Otono tiles are the best ceramic tiles with natural stone effects and texture.
  • Provide a realistic marble effect that is most desirable.


Ceramic tiles are the best choice to give luxurious look to your home or commercial area. Moreover, As these tiles are cheap in price but not poor in quality. Different sizes, designs, textures and rich material made it unique in every way.

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