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Everything You Need to Know About Buying Mi New Phones


Redmi, Poco and Mi are the three different series of mobile phones offered by Xiaomi, the Beijing-based Chinese smartphone manufacturer. It started as a software company in 2010; Xiaomi initially used to provide customized ROM or software for Android devices.

The company launched its first smartphone named ‘Mi 1’ in 2011. By 2014 Xiaomi became the largest mobile manufacturer in China, and in 2017 the brand entered the list of the top five international smartphone companies.

Let’s take a closer look and find out how Mi phones are different from other Xiaomi phones:

Mi New Phone: Software Updates

Mi series devices receive software and security updates quickly. The purpose of these updates is to improve the efficiency and security of the Mi handsets.

Redmi and Poco series phones are not that quick to get updates, especially compared to the Mi line of phones. Nevertheless, All Xiaomi phones are power by good quality software, and the issues or bugs noticed do not give rise to major concerns.

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Mi New Phone: Build Quality

All Mi new phone series devices are best suited for buyers who use their devices heavily. Most of this sub-brand of Xiaomi’s offering features sturdy metal cases with better drop test results.

These smartphones are known for their quality chipsets with fantastic processing abilities.

On the other hand, the principal focus of Poco phones is to offer a good gaming experience, and Redmi phones provide decent performance to budget-minded users.

Mi New Phone: Camera Quality

The Mi series devices have a superior quality camera system featuring high-end modes, dual flash mode, manual mode, optical image stabilization, and many other valuable and exciting features.

On the other hand, budget segment cameras configured in the Redmi line of phones let you capture decent pictures, but you cannot rely on them to take high-resolution photographs.

Mi New Phone: Chipsets

Mi new phones come integrated with high-end chipsets that are of top-notch quality and the latest in the mobile industry. These chipsets are prefer for their higher performance and superior speed.

You can easily play the latest data-intensive games in their best setting (high resolution) without any issues or lag. On the other hand, the chipsets of Redmi series devices are mostly average ones and might not be suitable for heavy usage. 

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Mi New Phone: Durability

The new common practice one can observe with regard to the premium devices is their glass backs. Most of the high-end handsets we get to see are very good-looking but fragile.

Mi new phones are not an exception to this as they also flaunt glass back, and sometimes the brand offers Gorilla Corning glass protection on these back panels as well to protect them against accidental damages.

Redmi and Poco phones, on the other hand, feature more durable plastic or metal bodies regardless of their cost-cutting make and configuration. 

When it comes to overall look and design, the Mi devices lead the way, but in terms of durability, the Poco and Redmi series members can overtake those from the Mi series.

Mi New Phone: User Experience

Mi series mobile phones are crafted to deliver the most premium feel you can expect from a top-rated smartphone. The Poco and Redmi series members are thoroughly user-orient, and they can ensure an excellent user experience proportionately to the segment they are price under.

If you want to finalize between Xiaomi’s, Poco, and Redmi series, choice ultimately breaks down to your purpose and budget. Poco devices can be an ideal choice for gamers. Mi series smartphones are regard as the firm’s flagship and premium models.

In the majority of the Mi new phones, Xiaomi has bundled quality build, rich features, and superior performance; as a result, they carry higher price tags justifying their overall offerings.

Most Redmi line of smartphones is budget-friendly yet customer-focus. If you are looking for pocket-friendly devices with average performance, then Redmi device can be an ideal choice for you.

On the other hand, if you have higher expectations from your mobile phone, you can opt for the Mi New Phone, which will certainly enhance your smartphone experience.

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