Encouraging Teens To Be Cautious While Using Chat App

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While using digital media we tend to come across a lot of content which we did not intend to see. Some of us have learned to ignore the unwanted ads and invitations, however, vulnerable minds might be tempted to cooperate out of curiosity. Scammers often use chat messenger apps to trap inexperienced users, extract personal information and exploit it.

NEEO Messenger is a chat messenger apps that comes with a detailed and thorough privacy policy. This helps users be more alert while they are disclosing private information online. However, there are many fake apps available online which offer no safety measures for users. There are countless number of threats linked with online communication, but the necessity for using online apps outweighs the risks. Teenagers are more likely to land in trouble online since they have young and impressionable minds. Although most of them are tech savvy they may not be aware of the dangers of entering unknown territory online. Given below are some of the ways you can help your children stay safe while using the internet:

  1. Being a role model for internet use:

You can’t always teach with words, sometimes you have to become a role model. Telling your kids to limit their usage will not work if they see you doing the opposite of what you want from them. Ask yourself if you’re being a good role model. Do you give them undivided attention when they have something important to share? Or do you only listen with your ears because your eyes are too busy looking at the screen of your smartphone, laptop, computer etc.  Set an example for fully focusing on the task or person in front of you.

  1. Talking about online content:

A hush-hush environment can prove to be lethal when it comes to kids. You need to let them feel comfortable around you and talk to them about their interests. Ask them not in an interrogatory way but as if inquiring for the sake of knowledge. Discuss the latest apps and take your kid’s advice on which apps will be more suitable for your usage, and why? Amidst the discussion you’ll get to know which apps they’re using and whether they have enough knowledge about the online chat app.

  1. Discuss incidents pertaining to cybercrime:

Share every bit of news you come across regarding cybercrime or online fraud. If you or someone you know got hacked or robbed online, make sure you spread awareness. Make sure you make it a habit to discuss your experiences, and encourage your kids to talk about their experiences. This can be done while having a meal together or at tea-time. Talk about how scammers and hackers can elicit information from you by pretending to be someone you know. Warn them against giving out any kind of information before making sure who asked for it.

  1. Encourage the use of privacy settings:

Help your kids understand the importance of privacy settings. Some online chat apps are safe to use as long as you keep your privacy settings on. However, the app will not force you to change your settings to private, because this is a matter of personal preference. But there’s always an option to keep things somewhat private and limit your posts and pictures to only those in your friends’ list. If you are trying to promote your talent online, it’s always wiser to create a separate professional account. Help your kids understand that by making their private pictures public not only are they putting themselves at risk but also the friends and family who are tagged in those pictures.

  1. Recommend reliable websites for online shopping:

It is inevitable that at some point kids will want to make purchases online, especially with all the ads popping up on random websites. If your kid asks for money for buying something from an online website, ask them to make sure it’s a reliable website. Many online businesses do not allow the package to be opened before the payment has been made. As a result consumers tend to suffer a loss if the items turn out to be damaged or of poor quality. Encourage your kids to do proper research on the website before they place an order.

Social media is a great source of therapy for people of all ages since they get to express themselves freely. But you need to measure your words carefully while expressing your thoughts and feelings so they can’t be used against you. Use your chat messenger apps to bridge the generation gap that often exists between teenagers and their parents. NEEO Messenger is an online chat app that offers fast streaming service to users. You can entertain yourself and your loved ones by streaming funny and interesting videos on NEEO Social.

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