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What constitutes a great workplace? For many, it is spacious halls and fully-equipped video conferencing rooms? Others prefer the inclusion of plants for a more natural vibe. Whatever the choice, the design of a workplace should reflect the company’s identity and value. Good workplaces stimulate productivity, innovation, and creativity.

Numerous factors come into play when determining the outlook and design of a workplace. Productive office designs thrive on a balance between aesthetic and vibe. That being said, designers need to strike the right balance between effectiveness and efficiency while working out creating a productive workplace.

Here’s what you need to consider when designing a motivating and inspiring workplace:

Do Not Ignore Efficiency When Drafting Layout Plan

Layout planning is key to creating an innovative workspace. Designers should consider employee perception and behaviour while drafting these blueprints. The difference between “personal” and “shared” needs to be kept in mind when drawing layout plans. The overall character of the office space will be set to meet the nature and requirements of the company.

However, designers need to follow specific rules to ensure maximum efficiency. A productive workplace should include open spaces to facilitate ease of movement. These open areas can encourage team-building exercises. Also, consider incorporating quieter rooms into your layout plan to improve individual employees’ focus and attention levels.

Invest in Smart Technology

Technology is continuing to affect our lives. From Vivint security packages to hybrid workspaces, the reach of technology knows no bounds. Companies around the are investing in digital solutions to create inclusive workspaces. Smart offices are a viable alternative to traditional workspaces. They promote productivity and collaboration.

You can utilize technology to turn your workstation into a state-of-the-art facility. Using access control systems can give you greater control over the security of your office. Also, you can manage your office security remotely with cloud-based facilities. Technology enables automation and reduces expenses associated with running an office space.

Incorporate Enclosure into Your Office Design

The degree of enclosed spaces in your office should depend on a range of factors. These may include the industry you’re operating in, the size of your business, and the number of your employees. Having an enclosure can provide your employees with the privacy they need to get the work done. Many office designs include both walled-off cubicles and open floor plans.

Make sure your office design incorporates the right combination of private spaces and team rooms. Your employees can work with a greater focus and concentration in private rooms. Exercises that require collaboration can be better performed in large rooms.

Choose the Right Light

Choosing the proper lighting is crucial to the overall ambience of workspaces. Researchers have stated that a balanced amount of illumination can motivate employees to perform better. Bad lighting can cause fatigue and lead to negative employee performance. Companies need to realize that they have a more significant role to play in the well-being of employees. By providing a nurturing environment, businesses can expect employees to perform better.

You can invest in bright lighting and automation solutions for your office. Both automation and bright lighting can reduce energy consumption. Consider investing in automated switches and energy-efficient bulbs to reduce your variable costs. Innovative office solutions are also seen to be of enormous benefit to the environment.

Introduce Your Workspace to Nature

There’s no denying that nature is a mood changer. Even looking at colourful plants and flowers can treat your sore eyes. An increasing number of companies have begun installing plants at their workstations. Some have dedicated entire walls to plants. Incorporating plants can improve the mental health of your employees. Plants can reduce the stress levels employees build up during the whole day. Also, they are natural air filters. If you don’t have plants at your workplace, get some immediately.

Choose Colors Carefully

Colours add to the ambience. They improve the aesthetics and vibe if chosen right. Colours are known to trigger specific functions of the brain. Many companies use different colour combinations in their office spaces. Colours are an essential part of brand identity and capture the essence of a company.

Choosing creative designs can help you reinforce your company values and brand identity in a convincing way. It can also help you create a great company culture.

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