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A natural oasis and Dubai Oases is a blessing in many ways and has great importance. Visitors love Dubai for several reasons, including the beauty of the city and its luxury. Still, one of the reasons is the Desert Safari at Dubai, which is an excellent experience for visitors.

Dubai is known as the city of oases because of the many natural oases located in the city. The oases are crucial to this city because they provide water, which is essential for life. The natural oases in Dubai provide water to many people who live in the desert and help with other things, such as transportation, agriculture, and beekeeping. The natural oases in Dubai are very important to this country because they help make this country habitable.

Al-Ain Oasis

Al-Ain Oasis is an excellent water source for people living in the desert, so it is important to the country. It provides about one-fourth of all fruit and vegetables consumed by Al Ain City and Al Ain Villages residents. The water from this oasis is used to irrigate crops that grow on an area covering about 1000 hectares. The oases in Dubai are essential to the country because they provide the water necessary for life.

Al Aweer Oasis

Al Aweer Oasis is located in the heart of Dubai, and it is one of the oldest oases in this country. This oasis was formed as a result of rainwater that collected on a large rock. This oasis has been serving people since the beginning of civilization, and it has always helped people with their daily needs. It was once used as a source of freshwater for camels, but now it serves many other purposes.

It is used by people who live nearby to wash their cars, store their water tanks, and breed fish. The Al Aweer Oasis is very important to this city because it provides water for irrigation purposes, which helps make agriculture possible in this country. Have you seen such a beautiful oasis? It is a perfect spot to take pictures when you come for a Desert safari Dubai.

Other Sources- Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek connects the Arabian Gulf with Deira Lake and Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a vital waterway that forms part of the culture and heritage of Dubai, and it is also essential for the country because it plays a significant role in trade. Since the beginning of civilization, Dubai Creek is useful for trading purposes, and it has remained an important factor in trade even today. It is the reason why many ships may anchore here, and this waterway helps to transport goods to different parts of the world.

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Dubai Water Canal

The Dubai Water Canal may become an artificial canal built to supply water to people living in Jumeirah Village. The canal collects water from three wells located along Al Aweer Road at different points. This canal was built so that people who live in Jumeirah Village would have easy access to fresh water all year round. The Dubai Water Canal is important because it provides fresh water for irrigation, keeping agricultural land fertile and productive.

Importance of Oasis in Dubai desert

Oasis is of great importance in Dubai. Oases play a vital role in the development of civilization, and Dubai is no exception to this. The people of ancient times lived in oases, which were a source of fresh water. Oases also provided people with food and shelter. This is why oases were vital for the development of civilization. Whenever you plan to go for a Desert safari Dubai, make sure to see the oases, it is a perfect spot to take pictures.

The Future Of Water In Dubai

In the future, it is a prediction that there will be an increase in water consumption because there will be an increase in population and an increase in demand for various products such as cosmetics and medicines. To meet this growing demand, it is necessary to build new desalination plants and develop existing ones so that there will be enough water available for all residents of Dubai.

Many ways can help make this happen, such as recycling wastewater and reusing treated effluent on agricultural land; these methods can help reduce the amount of freshwater needed by more than half.

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