Dry Fruits: From Types To Health Benefits


Dry fruits have been readily accessible in the Mediterranean region for thousands of years. Dates were one of the first dry fruits to be consumed. 

Dried fruit is prepared by removing the water from the fruit and drying it in the sun or using a dehydrator. Because the water in the fruit is removed during drying, the natural glucose in the fruit is condensed. Nowadays, it is straightforward and quick to buy dry fruits online, thanks to the internet.

Consuming dried fruits can make your day a little sweeter. Raisins, peaches, prunes (dried plums), figs, apricots, and dates are all popular dried fruits. Single dried fruit piece delivers almost the same quantity of nutrition as fresh fruit but in a much tiny package. If we talk about weight, Dried fruit has up to 3.5 times the fibre, vitamins, and minerals as fresh.

Dried fruit is high in fibre and antioxidants, mainly polyphenols, and is a good source of both. Polyphenol antioxidants have been linked to various health benefits, including enhanced blood flow, better digestive health, less oxidative damage, and a lower risk of a variety of diseases.

Three types of dry fruits for daily consumption


Cashews are a kidney-shaped nut or seed originated from the cashew tree, a tropical tree native to Brazil that is currently grown in various warm areas around the world. Cashews are seeds, even though they are frequently referred to as tree nuts and are nutritionally similar. They are high in nutrients and plant components, and they are simple to include in a variety of recipes.


Almonds are widely considered one of the world’s most famous tree nuts, abundant in proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Whether you’re enjoying an ice cream with almond toppings or a glass of almond milk, you name it. This nut will satisfy your taste senses while also contributing to a balanced diet. The question now is how something so petty can have such a significant impact on your health. As mentioned above, this is because almond seeds are high in antioxidants, proteins, robust fats, and minerals, all of which are beneficial to your health.


Pistachio nuts are not only delicious and enjoyable to eat, but they are also quite nutritious. The edible seeds of the Pistacia vera tree are a good source of protein, fibre, antioxidants, and healthy fats. They also contain several critical nutrients that can help with weight loss, heart health, and the digestive system. 

Dry fruits are often referred to as superfoods because of the multiple health benefits that they offer. A healthy master provides an exclusive choice of a range of dried fruit nuts at affordable costs to our valued customers. At healthy master, you will surely get top-notch products at an affordable price. Our dry fruit product range has a deep flavour, provides health advantages, and is very tasty.

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