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Dislodging Of Dirty (Drainage) Water, Its Importance

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Drainage Maintenance Services

History of Drainage

In this article we will take a trip back in time through some of the milestones in the history of water infrastructures. Before beginning, we must point out that the set of pipes, sinks, or traps, with their connections form the system. This for the evacuation of liquids, rainwater, or sewage, from a populated center called drainage, sewers, or sanitary network. Drainage Maintenance Services.

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Importance Of the Drainage Tube

Sanitary drainage is responsible for transferring dark water to sanitation centers where it gives a special treatment. This allows it to reuses in certain activities that do not represent health risks.

For its part, the pluvial drainage leads rainwater to places where it collects to use later for domestic and commercial consumption.

Drainage systems , in addition to personal hygiene, the most important tools have against the spread of diseases like the plagues of the Middle Ages. And many of the improvements in the quality of life of cities. Just imagine having to transport our black water in containers to somewhere.

A Little History

Indus Valley civilizations dating back to 3200-2800 BC found to already have a complete sewage system. This civilization was the first to build their cities near rivers and evacuate their wastewater through a sewage system. They additionally utilized waterway frameworks to channel water when floods happened.

In the case of the city of Rakhigarhi, a sewage network already carried the wastewater to a large tank that emptied into the river. They had two types of piping system: larger ones made of brick lined with a rectangular shape that collected water from the streets through a system of drains or gratings.

And other cylindrical-shaped pipes made of a ceramic material that led household waste to these larger pipes. these pipes already circulated one meter below street level.

The oldest known sewer system finds around 3750 BC. It was so advanced for its time that it was not until the 12th century that a system of the same level re-creates.

The next great advance came with the Roman system called La cloaca maxima, which still exists, considers a milestone of ancient engineering.

In the oldest example comes from the city, where embankments or dikes mainly built to reduce the impact of floods, as reported by chroniclers. These were surprised by the magnitude of the works.

When in, the decision to rebuild the city, despite the danger of flooding. In 1555 after the great flood the pre-Hispanic embankment rebuilds but it was not enough to solve the problem. Another idea was to build an artificial drainage, but it was only a project.

The decision makes in under the direction of the cosmographer, who dedicated 25 years of his life to it. The project failed and the famous cosmographer accuses of negligence.

Dislodging Of Dirty Water

It says that the phrase shouts as a warning prior to dislodging waste and dirty water onto the streets of cities in the early 1800s.

It was where the first underground drainage network builds during the mid-19th century, soon spreading to other cities in. Later, in 1880, the sewage system begins to adapt in a general way and other cities, providing them with complete legislation in this regard. Looking for Drainage Maintenance Services.

This tendency, promoted the drainage works (in the tunnel, the pit, and the great canal) in 1884. Then 400,000.00 pesos per year were allocated for the works. And it was the engineer who left at the head of a Board of Directors. The tunnel of more than 10,000.00 meters completes in 1894.

In the modern era, in 1971 they began, after 15 years of hydraulic studies of the city’s soil, a new magnum opus in scope, grouping contractors under a single command. Along the way, facing various difficulties, innovative techniques develop to achieve success.

The tunnels that are part of the Deep Drainage System reached 68 km in length and lines with reinforced concrete and simple concrete. The works concluded in the year 1975.

There were people who dedicated themselves to transporting dirty water to the nearest watercourse. And it says that they were pay well.

The degree of development of a society measured in many ways, but throughout history, water infrastructure has been a great indicator in this regard. A society that dominates water is a developed society.

The great classical civilizations, such as the Greek, characterizes by having large infrastructures such as dams, aqueducts, public baths, or sewage systems. But who were the first to build a dam? who invented the first water pump? In which city the first sewer in history installed?


However, this proves to be a myth. Although people in the Middle Ages did not have the knowledge about the relationship between waste and diseases. In most cities’ fines imposes for not keeping the streets clean.

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