Reusing Old Sporting Goods [8 Home Decor DIYs Ideas]

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We’re not sure what it is, but we have a really strong interest in upcycling stuff. We usually stick to repurposed products, but sometimes we find ourselves so taken with a project that we’ll purchase something new as cheap as possible. It’s like our kids and other family members are always on the go – they need to be able to stay connected with their social activities without having to worry about money! However, we’ve found a genre of repurposed craft that we have a huge supply of! We recently discovered that there are tons of cool DIY projects you can make out of repurposed sporting equipment!

We’ve come across numerous cool-up cycling projects in our search for yet one more reason to love our decision to become a part of upcycling. When we first heard of it, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. It is an investment, something we as people make that brings us joy. We have 00 ideas projects that we have come across as well.

We love the gears on a bike! They are cool when you look at them in that shape and wondered whether something in that shape might look cool elsewhere too. Their tutorial shows you how it is made from the top of the bike, away from the spices and waxes that often end up with a used cycle! It is just something cool about how they look when they spin.

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  • Nightstand with Baseball Bat

This nightstand is a great option for someone who has more than one baseball player in their family. It features a cool, trendy look at not only that it would get one of the bats out of our garage, but also as a neat themed piece in a little boy’s room or as a side table in a sports-themed recreation room. You may look into these ideas to make your home look complete. RedeemOnLiving is always ready to serve their old and new customers with unseen discount deals.

Self-Defense Night Stands : night stands

  • Wine Rack Holder with Golf Club

You can use unused golf clubs to create an awesome hanging angled wine rack. This particular idea won’t help you reuse the whole club, but at least it’ll stop them from lying around! Check out this tutorial on creating an awesome hanging angled wine rack from golf club heads on Dog House Woods n’ Vines.

This beautiful, hand-crafted wine rack will hold and display four of your favorite wine bottles using repurposed go… | Wine rack design, Wine rack, Wine bottle rack

  • Skiing Design Chair

Other than hanging style, we have something to keep in your lounge. We loved Water sports and now we’re back to the regular skiers! We used to love doing water skiing but sometimes things broke, including the skis themselves. Having a chair that is Similar Can You Find This? Which is also called a water ski chair- is how we started searching for ways to reuse them, which in turn is how we found this awesome DIY. We love the way the colors of the water skis contrast with the wood of the rest of the chair.

13 Ski deck furniture ideas | old skis, ski chair, ski decor

  • Mirrors of Tennis Racket

Do you have a long line of sporting fans who have inherited old pieces and equipment from you? You could possibly if you’re lucky enough to have some things lying around that are borderline vintage. They might be too old or worn to use for a game now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn them into something else! This great DIY vintage tennis racket wall mirror featured on a budget is the perfect example of what we mean.

4 Creative Ways to Recycle Your Tennis Racket - Decor Tips

  • Hockey Sticks Used for Hanging Coat 

We started looking for ways to upcycle the older hockey sticks in our garage that no longer get used when we came across an idea that centers on precisely this idea! We were so intrigued by the idea of making our own version of this awesome Hockey Stick rack that we actually made one for our front hallway in real life.

Hockey Stick Hat / Coat Rack | Etsy | Hockey stick, Hockey stick crafts, Hockey room

  • Wall Bar with Skateboard

Our kids are always breaking the wooden boards. They’re playing on and especially wanting to try out new styles and designs. They’re always saving their allowance until they can afford something new. Even if the board is just an old one that’s getting tired of being used. That’s why we went searching for ways to turn one of their old boards into something more useful and more affordable.

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  • Basketball Bag with Zipper

The skateboards are the number one thing that we had leftover from our family’s sports obsessions in our garage. We forgot about the basketballs that are all over the backyard. Constantly rolling down the driveway, or popped and laying deflated under the bushes. The basketball can be turned out into a purse by securing it from a zipper. You can keep your expensive jewelry and other stuff in it. This cool idea is one to save your expensive things. 

Designer turns basketballs into handbags 🏀 [Video] | Diy bags purses, Basketball purse, Basketball bag

Take Away

If you like any of these ideas, then try these and send us a picture in the comment section. If you have any sporting items in your garage or you may purchase them from RedeemOnSports to give your home a new look. 

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