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Developing An Online Store App: Budget estimation


Your online store can be hard to expand without bridging the gap between your customers and business. That’s why  an e-commerce mobile app development is an absolute need for your online store’s expansion. Most importantly, a high-end mobile app is certainly a portable form of your online store.

Now is developing an impactful mobile app going to break the bank? No, of course not, and keep reading to see how much it will cost to design an e-commerce app.

Why should you invest in e-commerce app development?

You already have an e-commerce website and may be thinking if it is worthwhile to develop an app.
Let us show you the advantages your online store will get from setting up a new and feature-rich mobile app.

  • Get more leads: The number of smartphone and other smart device users is increasing day by day. Not just that, the average time these users spend surfing the internet and visiting various apps is also significantly increasing. Additionally, it will improve the likelihood of enhancing the number of visitors to your store. Most importantly, it is a great way to get your potential customers.
  • To engage your customers: When your online store is within the fingertips of your customers, they can browse through its pages at their convenience. They can also connect with you in case they have any issues to share with you.
  • Boost conversion: Increasing your store’s sales is important, and a mobile app can certainly help. Buyers would undoubtedly spend their time and money if they could check out things and make purchases anytime they wanted. As a result, you will see a boost in your conversion rate.
  • Build brand image: Through a mobile app, it becomes easier for you to interact with your customers seamlessly. Moreover, you can certainly help them have better experiences. Providing the best services means you are about to receive positive feedback, which helps build a reliable brand.

Factors that will decide the cost of developing a mobile app for your online store

You must comprehend some essential factors of app development. So check out the points below before we begin calculating the budgets for your e-commerce app development.

Choosing the right platform:

The leading mobile app development services providers in India begin developing an app by choosing the right platform. So, you may need to choose between iOS or Android.

It can also be necessary to create an app for a variety of devices. Therefore, the development cost will vary depending on the platform and devices you select.

The type of the app:

Depending on the type of app you plan to create, the cost of developing it will change. You may need to build a native app or even a hybrid app as per your business requirements. The cost of developing a native app is certainly more than that of a hybrid app.

The features of the app:

Your app’s technological requirements are another important aspect that can affect your budget for app development. You might need to add some more features to the app apart from the default ones. Also, you may feel the need to include features that are business-specific to create customized apps. You may incur additional expenses because of all of these.

The app’s design:

Your app’s design is crucial to attracting customers to your e-commerce store. Moreover, designing an Android app can be more expensive than designing an iOS app. Therefore, while estimating the budget for your mobile app development cost you must keep in mind the design of the app.

The estimation of the budget for e-commerce mobile app development

The calculation of the budget for mobile app development for your online store is simple if you consider the following points.

The UI/UX design of the app:

Your e-commerce app users demand seamless experiences while using the app. Therefore you need to pick a great design for your app but remember the complexity of the design will impact your budget.

If you need a simple app, then both wireframing and UI design will separately take 14 hours. On the other hand, the developers may have to devote a total of 150 hours to prepare a complex app. The overall number of hours the developers must spend on the app’s design will undoubtedly affect the cost.

The platform:

Android is the best option if you want to reach a wider audience with your online store. After all, Android OS is used by 87 per cent of consumers. A cost estimate for an Android e-commerce app ranges from $21,000 to $100,000.

However, creating an iOS app is less expensive than creating an Android app. The price range for building an online store for iPhone customers is between $9,000 and $90,000. Although iOS will only be able to offer a reduced consumer base, you can still target the customers who have higher income.

Cost for deployment and testing:

Quality checking is important for your app before you release it. Therefore, you must conduct all sorts of quality checks to launch an app without any issues.

A leading mobile app development services provider in India may take up to 40 hours to check the app quality. However, this timing is subject to change, and costs may change too.

App registration:

There may be additional fees to pay to register your app in the app store. It will cover the price of membership fees, service costs, and registration expenses. You must register your e-commerce app in the app stores for users to download it. Therefore, you must account for these costs in your app development budget.


It may seem challenging to determine the cost of developing your online store. But, if you consider the criteria we’ve listed above, alongside the areas that can impact your budget, you can finish this job incredibly quickly.