Detecting And Dealing With Borderline Personality Disorder

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Borderline personality disorder (BPD), if left undiagnosed and untreated, can damage the patient’s personal and professional ties. Those who suffer from BPD are likely to struggle with their relationships. They constantly fear losing their loved ones and behave in ways that might be harmful to them or their loved ones. Use your chat messenger app to get in touch with a psychologist if you suspect one of your loved ones is suffering from a psychological disorder. NEEO Messenger is a video calling app that lets you make free of cost crystal clear calls to other NEEO users. However, if the patient is unwilling to go for professional treatment you might still be able to help them out once you’re sure they are suffering from BPD. The following are some ways to identify BPD in someone close to you and help them out:

  1. Can get seriously upset over minor insensitivities:

A BPD patient might not be the most comfortable person to be around. You might fear one careless move from your end could trigger negative emotions. People who talk too much and pass unnecessary remarks can upset the BPD patient. Be careful not to talk too much or too little. Say what needs to be required but never give your loved one a cold shoulder or let them feel like they’re being ignored. Call them up using your video calling app to let them know they are missed even when you aren’t physically nearby.

  1. Are constantly riding an emotional roller coaster:

You will notice that someone suffering from BPD has severe mood swings. One minute you see them looking satisfied and cheerful. But the next moment you find them brooding over something that seems like a non-issue to you. However, the non-issue might be a very serious issue for the BPD patient. Do not let their sudden shifts of mood shock or bother you. Just let them know everything will be alright and they don’t need to worry about anything. Send your loved ones cute emojis and expressive stickers via your chat messenger app to let them know you’re thinking of them.

  1. Tendency to see things in black and white:

Here’s a tricky one, you’ll notice that your loved one either makes you feel like you’re on top of the world or gives you a severe guilt complex. As mentioned before, BPD patients tend to suffer from insecurity issues. If they sense you’re taking them lightly they might begin to think of you like the most insensitive and cruel person on earth. If this person means something to you you’ll need to make sure you acknowledge their presence whenever you’re around them.

  1. Arguments that lead to no conclusion:

Chances are you’ll always lose arguments with a BPD patient, and not necessarily in the most rational way. Unless you know what, they’re suffering from, you might think of this person as the most stubborn and irrational being on earth. Arguing with a BPD patient can be a mentally and emotionally depleting experience. Things can get heated up quickly if you strike a raw nerve and might even lead to violent or aggressive behavior. Try to flee from the scene if you sense your loved one is getting agitated.

  1. Being punished without committing a crime:

You’re most likely to always be a victim of the blame game while dealing with a BPD. Your loved one will think of himself/herself as a martyr. And you as the villain and make you feel guilty for one thing or another. They genuinely believe they’ve been wronged and do not realize the impact of their unfair accusations on the other person. Even if their suspicions are true to some extent, they are likely to give exaggerated reactions. And think of the worst possible consequences. You need to try not to take things personally and get offended if the BPD patient points a finger at you.

  1. Constantly hanging on the edge:

BPD patients are often unable to contain their emotions, no matter how irrational they may be. They might often come across as blunt, rude, and offensive. They are unable to mask their emotions. They’ll often make you feel guilty for no apparent reason and might even blame you for their misery. Unless you are someone very confident and sure of yourself, you could end up suffering from low self-esteem. Try to help them understand they are suffering from a psychological disorder. This could help them see things from a more reasonable perspective.

Regardless of whether a person is suffering from BPD or not, communication is an essential part of every relationship. Use your chat messenger app to keep in touch with loved ones by sharing positive quotes to give them strength. NEEO Messenger is a video calling app that allows you to freely share all kinds of data with your NEEO pals. Also be mindful of the fact that BPD patients, as difficult as they may seem, have their plus points too. They could go out of their way to please you for fear of losing you. And if you find them clingy at least you’ll never have to worry about being lonely or isolated!

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