Dental Implant: Why Are You Keen For Betterment Your Patients

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Dental implant surgery is one of the most common surgeries. A dentist comes across in his dental practice. The simplicity and easiness of this procedure solely depend on the dentist’s practice over time or how well he has grasped the fundamentals of implant surgery.

Implanting has many steps, each needing a dentist’s maximum effort and expertise. If you’re a dentist, you are in the right place to learn why exactly it is essential for you to further make yourself capable of providing the best services to your patients and polishing your dentistry skills.

Why is dental implant surgery important? 

Teeth are one of the most visible aspects of the human body. If you have to speak, you must open your mouth. If you want to eat, you have to expose your cavity. So even if you spontaneously laugh or yawn, you will be putting your teeth in everyone’s faces.

Due to the imminent exposure of teeth, the well-being of teeth directly affects people’s confidence. Therefore, a dental implant is a great way to restore people’s dental needs and fulfill any shortcomings they believe they have in confidence due to their teeth.

Some other reasons why dental implants are essential are:

Augments oral health 

Implants can help structure your mouth better. The bridges help connect the teeth in a way that the possibility of a cavity reduces. Moreover, the single implants enable easy access between the teeth, further helping with oral hygiene.

Increased durability of the teeth

Implants enable the teeth to stay healthier for a longer period. This procedure does not require you to shorten the teeth. Hence, it does not affect the teeth nearby. In addition, these implants are built to last. Upon proper care and maintenance, some implants might even last a lifetime.

Maximizes the appeal to damaged or broken teeth

Dental implants have a great impact on the overall look. As the implant fuses with the nearby teeth, it is very hard to pick an odd one out from a mere look. Furthermore, it is a permanent solution to fallen off or broken teeth. It is also a great solution to a chipped tooth that is beyond repair.

Getting implants can help you be much more confident socially. You will not feel the need to suppress your laughter or hide your open mouth, fearing that people might talk about it. A dental implant is an ultimate confidence booster if the job is done perfectly. Even so, there is a 98% chance of the procedure being a success, so there is a meager chance the implants won’t be perfect.

The basics of dental implant surgery 

To better understand where you may need improvement, you need to understand the fundamentals of implant surgery. Here, we have briefly summarized some of the key aspects of the surgery for you to revise and shine a light on your shortcomings. If you believe you will need help in this regard, there are many dental implant training programs you can enroll in. You can also find numerous continuing education courses on online platforms like Udemy or Coursera, which can help you polish your dental skills.

Bone graft 

You need a strong base for placing a strong bone graft. If the jawbone is not strong enough, you will need to perform bone grafting to create a base for embedding an implant. The grafting can be of two types, synthetic or natural bone grafting.

Placing the implant 

After performing bone grafting and getting a viable base for the implant, you can move to the next step of placing the implant. You will have to make an incision on the gum and drill a hole to expose the bone. This drilling ensures that the implant’s metal post can be firmly fixated in the bone and fuse with it to work as the root of the denture.

Wait for osseointegration 

Implant surgery can take a while. You have to be patient in order to get the best results. You need to wait so that the osseointegration is perfect. It enables a strong foundation for the implant.

Placing the abutment 

Upon completing the osseointegration, the bone is now ready for you to place the abutment. It will require you to cut open the gum again to expose the metal post. You can set the abutment when you are placing the implant, but it is a better practice to put them separately. Some patients might ask you to place them together. Although it is safe, it is your job to counsel them and educate them that it is not a better practice anymore.

Placing the tooth 

Once all this is complete and you are sure that the foundation is firm and everything went according to plan, you can move on to the final step of dental implant surgery. First, you need to take impressions of the teeth to get the perfect replacement. Then, you can ask the patient if they prefer permanent, removable dentures on their implants.

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