custom cereal boxes

Custom cereal boxes: A glimpse of what is to come


Custom cereal boxes have been around for a few decades now. It’s about time they wear a new look and entice the buyers with something fresh and novel. Technology and new social realities are at the forefront do these changes. Let’s look at some up-and-coming trends in custom cereal boxes and see where they are headed.

Say goodbye to rigid boxes:

The rigid cardboard boxes that we have gotten accustomed to are maybe on their way out. Buyers are now preferring flexible bags and pouches. These bags offer convenience and comfort to both companies and individuals. They are easier to carry and store. Their cost of production is less too. Unlike rigid boxes, these bags can adapt to any size and are available in a small pouch that is good for a single serving to a big bag that can serve a large family.

custom cereal boxes
custom cereal boxes

The use of eco-friendly material will grow:

Our environment is under threat from various sources. So, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are resorting to ways and methods of doing sustainable and friendlier things to nature. The use of organic material to produce custom packaging is one such example. Instead of using chemicals and synthetic elements, companies are using plant-based materials with biodegradable features. Kraft sheet is an example of such material that is gaining currency. The buyers also appreciate this gesture. So, it’s doubly beneficial. You are acquiring new customers and also helping the planet.

No cartoon or colorful characters:

Political leaders and social scientists in the UK are campaigning to ban printing colorful characters on the boxes. They link child obesity and teenage diabetes with the intake of these sugary sweet cereals. Therefore they are asking the govt to ban such imagery on these boxes that target children. Others countries are also contemplating such restrictions. It is, therefore, safe to assume that in the near future, such cartoonish characters will be gone.

Use of modern technology:

How can the packaging industry remain aloof to the technological advances taking place? Kellogg’s in Australia partnered with their art-supplies company to come up with exciting innovations. Using augmented reality lets buyers add their favorite design and character on the back and white box with the help of their mobile phones. All they have to do is direct their mobile camera towards the box, select their favorite image, and watch a virtual animation using the augmented reality-based tool in the browser. It is a novel use of technology and may not become very common, but that’s the direction things take when it comes to custom cereal boxes.

Going package free for the moment:

It is another emerging trend where some companies, in collaboration with retail outlets, are proposing and introducing refillable zones where customers can come and refill their favorite cereal using the existing bags. It is not a very popular idea but again, those shoppers who value the environment and recycling are finding it an attractive proposition.

Use of QR codes:

QR codes on custom cereal boxes will also gain traction in the coming years. By scanning these QR codes, the consumers can get access to helpful information that their favorite cereal manufacturers have compiled for them. It could be video tutorials for making cereals, fitness-related advice and tips, a preview of upcoming products, and so on.

More emphasis on design and style:

The coming times will see print add-ons on custom cereal boxes more vigorously. Techniques like etching, embossing, debossing, UV spot printing, stamp foiling, glossy finish will become more refined, sophisticated, and trendy. Designers and printers will develop new ways to beautify boxes and make them unique and special.

Displaying clear information:

All cereal boxes print their ingredients. But often, these ingredients are printed in a small size that is barely legible. Now that the consumers are getting more and more intelligent and health-savvy, they demand information that is precise, accurate, and displayed clearly. Cereal manufacturers have taken the cue and are producing such information more prominently. They are now also starting to use transparent or clear labeling so that there is no room for any doubt.

Packaging that connects with the consumers emotionally:

It may seem like a hard nut to crack, but it’s not difficult to achieve. The manufacturers are increasingly looking for ways to connect with their consumer base. All they need to do is research their clientele, find out what resonates with many of them, and then print it on the box. For example, if the majority of consumers are in older demography, then look for a vintage element that will click with most of them.

Minimalism will make a comeback:

Consumers are now finding things that are uncomplicated and easy to follow. The same goes for boxes’ designs. Therefore, experts predict that minimalism will make a strong comeback in the way packages are styled.

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These are some of the emerging trends in the custom cereal boxes industry. We hope you will find this article informative and valuable. There are exciting times ahead for the cereal packaging industry.


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