Creating New Bonds And Maintaining Life-Long Friendships


Emotional isolation is worse than any physical ailment. But can be avoided thanks to online chat apps like NEEO Messenger. The video calling app helps you make crystal-clear calls to old and new friends. But friends are not meant to be treated like freshly baked cupcakes, bought and devoured on the spot. Friendships are to meant to be nurtured so they can grow stronger with every passing day. A lonely life, even with all the material possessions, is unbearable. Most of us are blessed to have parents, siblings, and relatives who unconditionally keep doing things for us. But the bonds we create ourselves are more sensitive and require more effort. Defined plainly: friendship is the name of a give-and-take relationship. You have to make an active effort to maintain meaningful ties. Below are some of the ways you can make sure your friends stay your friends for life:

When you expect a favor from a friend, ask yourself whether you’re doing just the same for them. You want your friend to share every detail of her life with you but, are you sharing yours? When we share personal information, we begin to feel vulnerable. If you expect someone to open up to you, be fair and open up to them too. However, if your friend has a reputation of being dangerously blunt, then you might need to be careful with the amount of information you disclose.

  • Spend time in different situations:

You might imagine you have a real connection with some of your colleagues but, things could be different outside the work setting. If you believe someone has the potential of becoming a lifelong friend, hang out with them outside work. If this person feels just as comfortable outside the office setting, then she is worth investing your time and effort. You don’t want to waste time on people who don’t bother to respond to your messages once you’ve quit your job. Use your online chat app to stay in touch with the people who helped you throughout your career and who seem genuinely concerned.

  • Be forgiving and apologize without delay:

Friendship and forgiveness both begin with the letter ‘F’. When you desire an everlasting bond of friendship, there are many times that you have to forgive and forget. Everyone tends to make mistakes. If a friend hurts you unknowingly, you can either keep a grudge against them or be honest about your feelings and give them a chance to apologize. And the same goes for you.

When you realize you’ve hurt a friend, you should apologize as soon as possible. Use your video calling app to convey a heartfelt apology if you can’t physically be near your friend.

  • Pave the way for open communication:

Everyone wants a friend they can comfortably open up to. If your friends get the slightest hint that you might judge them if they reveal their true feelings, they will hesitate while sharing things with you. When a friend wants to talk, lend a listening ear without passing judgmental

remarks. Tell your friend politely if you think they’re making a mistake but never blatantly accuse them. Your friends will want to stick around if they can be themselves around you.

  • Never compete with your friends:

The worst way to spoil a good friendship is by competing with a friend. If you feel inspired by how your friend lives her life, you can learn from her. You might like her way of dressing, speaking, or carrying herself. But if resentment starts to build up, such as, ‘why does she look so happy and relaxed, or, ‘why does she get to have a loving husband when I don’t!’, such thoughts are detrimental to friendships. Keep competitive and resentful thoughts from creeping into your relationships.

  • Avoid showing possessiveness:

No matter how close you are, you don’t have the right to keep your friend from socializing with others. If you become too clingy, your friend might distance herself from you. Priorities change with time and, you need to come to terms with this reality. For instance, your friend might not be able to give you the same amount of time and attention when she has a baby to look after. If you miss her, instead of feeling bad and resenting her, go help her out with the baby!

There’s a lot more to friendship than just hanging out and parting together. Good friends can help you get through some of the toughest challenges that life presents. They are your pillars of strength in situations where even family members might seem helpless or hopeless. Use your online chat app to text your friends daily. Use NEEO Messenger chat app, a video calling app, to make calls to your special friends at least twice a week. Step out of your comfort zone to be there for your friends when they need you. And do more for those who do for you.

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