Brother printer wont connect to Wifi / Canon mg3600 setup

Common Problems While Installing Printer to Wifi


The printer is an essential device for home and business. Earlier, the printers were difficult to configure and use. But today, printer devices provide simple interfaces and are multi-tasking. In new printer models, you also get the scan and fax services. Many companies such as HP provide pocket printers. You can easily carry mini printers with you. Mini printers are used for taking small printouts like photos, etc. New printer models also provide wireless connectivity. Now you can use the printer without a USB cord. This is very helpful as you can’t use a USB cord on every device like phones. With wireless connectivity, you can send print commands from every device and take the printouts reliably. But lots of people have problems with printer Wifi configuration.

Common issues with printer Wifi installation

The printer can’t find the network

This issue appears when the printer tries to find the required connection but fails. Printers often get this error when the printer is placed far from the router. Brother printer wont connect to Wifi if the router is out of range. Keep the printer near the router and then try to search the network. When you press the Wi-Fi button, the lamp will start blinking and start searching the network. Check your printer screen and it will show all the available networks. Choose the network’s name and hit the Next button. After connection, you can send a print command from the connected device and take the printouts.

The printer is connected to the network but not printing

Many times, your printer gets connected to the network but shows printing errors. The user faces this error when he has connected the printer to the open network. While connecting, the printer often gets connected to any open network. You can’t access the printer from another network. To prevent this issue, you must check the network page. After connecting the printer 

After the connection, go to the printer and take a network printout. Check the SSID and printer status. SSID shows the name of the connected network. SSID should be correct and status should be active. Now connect the device to the same network as the printer and take the printouts.

The printer is available but can’t receive the print jobs

To take the printouts, connect your PC or phone to the same network. Now open the Add Device option and your PC will start searching the available network. Now choose your printer and then check the status. After connection, you have to check the printer software. Your printer won’t work if you haven’t installed the Canon mg3600 setup on your computer. You need a printer driver for communicating with the printer. Go to your printer and check its brand and model number. Now open the browser and download the setup from its website. After installing the software, reconnect the device to the printer. Now send the print command and take the printouts.

Unable to use the scanner function

Some users reported that the printer is taking printouts but shows errors while scanning. The scanning error on the printer on the network occurs when the user has enabled the firewall. Sometimes the firewall suspects the scan request from the printer is suspicious and blocks it. If the scanning request is getting blocked then you should disable the firewall. Go to the PC and disable the personal and inbuilt firewall. Now again send the scan request and check for the error.

The printer is not receiving the print command from a particular device

Sometimes the printer shows issues with a particular device. The printer is working correctly with other devices but can’t connect to the required one. When this error occurs, check the device for the required driver. You can’t use printer devices for Windows on Mac. Every driver has different system requirements. You must install the compatible driver on the system. Another thing that can cause connection problems is malware. If a device has viruses, they can interrupt the printer connection. Use an antivirus to remove all malware from the PC. Run a full scan and wait to complete the process. After scanning, restart your device. Again, connect the device to the printer using the same network. Send a print command and try to take the printouts. 

Final Words

There are multiple models that can suit the very exclusive needs of several users. To get the right price for money, the user will do well to justify the specifications, take sample printouts at the printer store and then take the ending decision. Inkjets are a good bet for long-lasting images, for speedy text documents it will pay well to layout in a laser printer device. For those appropriators who are into digital photography or cumulatively running a busy home office, a multifunction printer device would fit the bill.

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