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Commercial Cleaners in Atlanta Consider these Dirtiest Places


It is a known fact that germs, bacteria, and viruses are present in the whole atmosphere, and daily, millions of them enter the human body. But it is because of the immune system that they are fought off. In this article, the dirtiest places that have to be thoroughly cleaned by commercial cleaning services in Atlanta will be discussed where these bacteria, germs, and viruses exist and spread to others.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Atlanta Considering these Things and Places

Commercial space will have more visitors than in a house, so the cleanliness of these places is important. Also, keeping them clean will lower the risk of spreading bacteria, germs, and viruses to others. Below are the places and things considered the dirtiest and have to be cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized more often than others.

The Restrooms and Bathrooms

Bathrooms and restrooms are the most obvious places on this list as you will find an abundance of germs. The main and maybe the only reason is that they are used the most and by a diversified number of people. These people include employees, staff, clients, and visitors.

Entrance and Lobby Area

Another place where all people are always visiting is the lobby and entrance of a building. Visitors bring in the dirt, germs, and bacteria and contaminate the whole space. The management of these buildings has to make sure that cleaning is done in these areas whenever possible.

Door Handles Knobs and Light Switches

Although many commercial spaces now have light-sensitivity switches that turn on and off automatically. But not all buildings have been upgraded; still, old-fashioned switches are used. They must be cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected with the doorknobs and handles.

Elevators and Lifts

How can the elevators and lifts be forgotten? It is one of the duties of commercial janitorial services to clean the buttons on the lifts as they are touched the most by visitors. The railing of elevators is also often touched by people; so they have to be given attention.

Kitchen and Canteen Areas

Research has indicated that the kitchen sink may host more germs than a toilet seat. Yes, you should be surprised to know this, but it can be a possibility as all dirty dishes are placed there and washed. Pay special attention to kitchen and canteen areas to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Tables Workstations and Chairs

You might be thinking that chairs, tables, and workstations are secondary things to clean, but they have to be cleaned. The people sitting on them might get affected if they cause the spread of germs, so cleaners, including Jan Pro Atlanta, also focus on these things.

All Machinery and Equipment

The equipment and machinery that has to be paid most attention to include coffee maker, fax, printer, attendance machines, computers, laptops, microwaves, an electric kettle, ATMs, credit and debit card machines. These machines are the most touched by all.

Vending Machines and Refrigerators

When refrigerators are not cleaned for a long time, cockroaches can grow inside, and bad smells can develop. Stale food is another reason for the foul smell. The commercial cleaners also have to take care of the vending machines. They should be cleaned; expired items must be taken out and restocked.

Window Treatments Carpets and Couches

The window treatments, carpets, rugs, and couches can gather a lot of dust and allergen that can cause health issues like an allergic reaction. Also, micro-organisms get stuck, which can cause serious health problems.

Shopping Carts

Although online shopping has made everyone safe, people still go to retail stores and strip malls. They use shopping carts, which can be the cause of the spreading of germs and people getting sick. The commercial cleaners should be reminded about focusing on disinfecting and sanitizing them.

Under the Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks

Sometimes, the area under the kitchen and bathroom sink is ignored, where bacteria, germs, and viruses gather the most. The commercial cleaning services in Atlanta should not forget this place and make it a part of either weekly or deep cleaning schedule.

These are some of the dirtiest places in commercial spaces that the commercial cleaners should focus on.

Below are more questions concerned with commercial cleaning and the dirtiest places.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many clients does the average commercial cleaning service have?

The average number of clients handled by commercial cleaning services in Atlanta depends on the number of employees working for the cleaning business. Also, the size of the commercial space is a determinant factor. A commercial cleaner can serve almost fifty clients at one time.

Where are germ hotspots?

The sink, buttons, switches, handles, doorknobs, computers, and laptops are hotspots for germs.

What are some tips to hire commercial cleaning services?

Before hiring a commercial cleaning company, you read clients’ reviews and comments, inspect the quality of cleaning products, compare costs, and check the warranty.

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