Chiffon Suit Sets: Feel Light And Look Chic In Summers

Chiffon Suit Sets: Feel Light And Look Chic In Summers


If you see the current fashion trend, from Bollywood to ball gowns to ethnic wear, chiffon has become a popular choice of fabric to curate all garments. This popular, decorative lightweight fabric is associated with luxury and elegance. Nowadays, you can see the market brimming with a chiffon suit set. The reason behind it is the chiffon fabric’s shimmery and sheer appearance that proliferated in the fashion and design industry. However, the most appealing part of chiffon fabric is its distinct feminine face that lends to any wearer. So, let’s discuss this fabric and suit sets crafted in it. 

What is Chiffon?

Chiffon is a weaving process that produces a lightweight, plain woven fabric with a little shine. The fabric weave results in small puckers that make the fabric a little bit rough to touch. These puckers are usually created using z-twist and s-twist crepe yarns counterclockwise and twisted clockwise. 

Chiffon is used to make all types of Jaipur kurta set and salwar kameez. From the classic straight ones to the sophisticated A-line ones and Anarkali. This fabric adds an element of elegance to all these suit sets and particularly enhances the sensual and feminine look of the suits. 

Characteristics Of Chiffon Fabric Suit

Chiffon is a beautiful gossamer and gauze-like fabric that is known for its floating, breezy and shimmery nature. It looks almost like tissue paper. Here are some common things you will experience when wearing a chiffon kurta or suit. 

Drapes Well: Chiffon is the perfect fabric for crafting suit sets and kurtas because it drapes on the body beautifully. Also, because of the stunning drape, it does hold a little bit of its own structure, which gives the fabric a nice character. 

Holds Dye Well: Chiffon is a popular choice for ethnic wear because it displays colour beautifully, especially silk chiffon, as silk chiffon fibres absorb a lot of dye. 

Variety Of Chiffon Suits 

Generally, the designs of salwar suits crafted in chiffon vary depending on the look you desire. For example, a plain and non-embellished salwar suit made of chiffon can look extremely attractive and classic. It enhances the figure of the wearer and, at the same time, also creates a soft, graceful look. Chiffon is such a beautiful fabric or material that even the most formal kurta sets design looks beautiful. And when we talk of wedding occasions, you will find a chiffon suit set with subtle embroidery, embellishments with delicate beadwork, sequin work, and more. 

Because of their immense popularity, you can also find printed salwar suits in the Indian women’s wardrobe. They are an ideal choice for everyday wear or workwear. They look smart and chic and enhance the beauty of a woman. Moreover, they come in a wide range of colours that add vibrancy to these sorts of suits. Chiffon kurta sets also come in monochrome shades of white, black, beige, and sometimes cream colour too. The prints on these monochrome shades can range from Madhubani and batik to geometric shapes. 

Style Tips For Chiffon Suits 

Chiffon salwar suits are a huge fashion trend in India. All thanks to its prominence amongst Bollywood stars and popular fashion designers. Today you can see chiffon fabric ethnic wear on fashion runways, weddings, and more. This ethnic comes with stylish innovations in terms of silhouettes, neckline, and fit. 

When thinking of choosing chiffon ethnic wear, go for a backless design with Doris, as it looks gorgeous on this fabric and adds an element of ethnic sensuality. Other designs that you can incorporate with the chiffon suit are keyhole necks, deep necks, and halter necks to ad a more glamorous and modish vibe to the outfit. 

Advantages of Chiffon Suit Sets 

The texture of the chiffon suit is very light and transparent, with good air permeability and drape. This makes them elegant in looks and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time easily. 

Another great advantage of this fabric suit set is that it is not easy to wrinkle and deform. Thus it is not easy to the ball and stays in place easily all around the day. 

It absorbs dye much better than any other fabric and helps retain the colour of the print and fabric easily. So even after a few delicate washes, the colour will be the same if your suit is in chiffon fabric. 

Chiffon Fabric Care Guide

Caring for chiffon depends on the type of fibre that comprises the fabric. Here is a general guide on washing your chiffon suit, whether made from synthetic or natural fibres. 

  • Silk chiffon should always be dry-cleaned. 
  • Polyester chiffon and nylon chiffon can be hand washed or washed in the washing machine using gentle mode. 
  • Always use mild detergent while washing your chiffon suit sets. 
  • Lay flat, and don’t use clips, as they can create marks on the fabric line. 
  • Also, don’t put it in direct sunlight as it can harm the colour. 


So, this was all about the chiffon fabric suit sets you own or wish to own in the near future. This is one versatile fabric, especially for the summer season. But, no matter what the occasion is, chiffon Kurtis or kurta sets won’t disappoint you. So, visit your favourite ethnic wear website today and find yourself a chiffon kurta, suit, or saree.