Change your gameplay in 2022 with the best NFT marketplace

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Non-Fungible Tokens have taken the digital World on the storm, giving way to the trade of digital assets such as pictures, memes, video clips, and NFT games. NFT games have a play-to-earn gaming model that offers the players the opportunities to earn money as they play. Gamers have a golden opportunity to monetize their playing time by buying and selling in-game NFTs or completing tasks in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards. 

The trading process is conducted using a cryptocurrency through a blockchain marketplace. This marketplace acts as an auction house. The game’s creators can monetize their creations while giving users the advantage of earning Cryptocurrency just by playing the game.  

What Is An NFT Game?

In simple terms, NFTs games are games that involve NFTs in them. NFT games are not merely holding crypto-collectibles in your wallet. These games come with player interactions, purchases of avatars, and weapons. The play-to-earn model also lets the gamers generate income from NFT games. The most interesting aspect of NFT gaming is that it creates unique and limited tokens that can be exchanged with each NFT existing in the blockchain. This allows the gamers to have true ownership of their assets with options to create, swap, and implement NFTs within a game. Developers create smart contracts that make the rules for the NFTs used. 

The NFT Gaming Industry 2022

  • Most NFT games are play-to-earn (P2E) style models, also known as  GameFi. This mode of gaming has become popular now. The success of a blockchain-based game like Axie Infinity has contributed to this popularity. Gaming NFTs generated over $4.8 billion of revenue in 2021, and in 2022 their infrastructure rose to $1 billion. 
  • Trading card games such as Parallel grew immensely in October 2021. The project raised $50 million. 
  • Cricket NFT marketplace such as Jump. In addition, we also had the sports industry enter the NFT space. This resulted in play-to-earn sports NFT games. Trade created a huge impact by launching World’s first P2E Cricket NFTs. They will also launch the World’s first NFT cricket game- ‘Meta Cricket League.’
  • Game developers have moved from traditional video games to developing the NFT gaming marketplace. 

Gaming companies and businesses have foreseen the huge potential for continuous revenue streams from NFT gaming. NFT games provide new ways for creators to monetize their work, often through digital art pieces, collectibles, in-game items, etc. 

Make Your Own NFT 

Around 2024 the number of gamers will be around 3 billion gamers. The increase in the gaming sector will play a huge role in defining the economics of the digital future. 

NFT gaming businesses are looking toward making their mark in the metaverse or NFT games to help them chart new ventures in their business models. By 2025 analysts have predicted the industry will generate more than $260 billion in revenue. This is in sync with the increase in the popularity of NFT collectibles. 

 These business models include

  • Making additional revenue sources: Imagine that an NFT gaming token was transacted. Depending on the demand for an NFT game or in-game NFT, the game creators can create additional revenue. the game’s creators, depending on the demand for the particular NFT game or any other in-game NFT, can be a source of additional revenue. 
  • Capturing Brand awareness: There’s a huge craze for NFTs in the digital economy. Thus, NFTs can be used to build brand awareness and can be used to capture new interests. The millennial generation, in particular, can tap into the interest of the tech-savvy consumer population. 
  • Sole ownership: NFT games are a great deal for gamers. The owners get the ability to have complete control over their assets. Physical ownership provides more incentives to play on an NFT and can even become a regular income source. It also allows players to earn cryptocurrencies if they sell the NFTs. 

Best Game NFT Marketplaces 


The marketplace is built for Ethereum. Opensea allows developers to create games and applications without any specialized programming languages, gas fees, or not even having to deal with a single wide-ranging blockchain protocol. 


This platform allows developers to make their blockchain with its rules. This will help both the developers and the gamers to yield profit. Its game store is built considering Defi- Decentralized Finance and NFTs. is the World’s first cricket NFT marketplace for some of the best and unique P2E Cricket game NFTs.’ Jump. trade’s exclusive cricket NFT collectibles have a successful record of selling out 55,000 NFTs in less than 9 mins. The marketplace enables the buyer to own Meta Cricket League NFTs, and The Meta Cricket League signed Bat NFTs. The marketplace has also announced the launch of the much-awaited World’s first Cricket NFT game- ‘Meta Cricket league.’ 


With more people joining the NFT gaming community, gamers are slowly moving from traditional to NFT-based gaming. In fact, with the play-to-earn gaming mode, more gamers might even make gaming their full-time profession. Moreover, the best NFT marketplaces will help you invest your time and effort in a fun and lucrative game.