Build a garage what are the costs for thiier Construction?


Builders who are currently building a house usually think of garage construction right away. If it is clear that a garage construction is to take place, the client must determine whether it should be a single garage or a double garage. Furthermore, it must be clarified in advance whether you prefer a prefabricated garage (prefabricated wooden garage) or rather a brick solid garage.

building a garage

The last decision you have to make before building a garage is the type of garage you want – a precast concrete garage, a wooden garage, a concrete garage, or a steel garage. Depending on the type of garage and the building material used, the costs can vary significantly.


What is the cost of building a garage?

Cost example for a brick and free-standing garage measuring 6 x 3 x 2.50 meters:

Post Cost

Foundation 760 Euro material costs; 1,020 euros construction costs = 1,780 euros total costGarage, building materials, construction 2,600 euros in material costs; 7,200 euros construction costs = 9,800 euros total costsConstruction planning, statics and building permit 1,850 euros

Roof shape and roofing 1,500 euros

Plastering and plastering 1,600 euros

Best tig welder under 500

Garage door and installation of the garage door 800 Euro + 450 Euro = 1.250 Euro total cost

Electrical installation EUR 400

Total costs 18,180 euros

. This includes whether you combine the garage construction directly with the construction of the residential building or build the garage later. Furthermore, it is important to know whether to hire a specialist with the garage construction or to build the garage yourself.

average size

For a garage of an average size, you have to expect an average of about 10,000 euros in construction costs. In most cases, however, total costs of 15,000 to 20,000 euros are incurred.

Due to extras, such as side doors, windows, thermal insulation or green roofs, the costs for garage construction can be significantly higher.

Is it worthwhile to build a garage yourself?

This question is not so easy to answer, because it depends on many personal decisions. If you only think about the price, then the prefabricated garage is usually much cheaper as a luxury version than the precast concrete garage.

If the garage is built in-house, you can better adapt the garage construction to your own needs, such as whether you want additional storage space or how you want to design the driveway.

However, the construction in its own contribution also has certain disadvantages compared to the construction with a specialist company. So you have to waive certain warranties, which are included in the construction with specialist companies.

Which cost factors determine the total costs of a self-built garage?

Costs for construction planning and building permit

Costs for the foundation and the associated earthworks

Cost of erecting the masonry

Cost of the ceiling


What costs do you have to expect for a building permit?

If you plan the garage construction directly with the construction of the residential building, you can save a large part of the costs, the planning and calculations of the statics are carried out together with the planning for the construction of the residential building. The effort for the planning costs are then only slightly higher than if garage construction is to take place later.


If you plan to build a free-standing garage on the property line later, you have to expect significantly higher costs. These usually amount to 10% of the total cost of garage construction.


What are the costs for the foundation?

As a rule, the cost of the base plate is 70 to 100 euros per m².The most favorable is still the continuous base plate for the foundation.


What are the costs for the masonry?

Decisive here are the type of construction and the construction design, i.e. in what thickness the masonry should be bricked. The costs can vary significantly here. On average, you have to expect costs of 40 to 65 euros per m² of masonry. Important in this context is also the choice of stones (sand-lime brick, brick, aerated concrete).


What are the costs for the roof?

 For a flat roof you have to expect an average of 100 to 150 euros per m², but the finished flat roof including waterproofing can also cost up to 250 euros per m².


How much does a garage door cost?

For a simple swing door you have to expect an average of 400 euros. In addition, there are costs of around 250 euros for the installation. A high-quality garage door with electric drive and other extras can cost up to 3,000 euros and more.


What extras are there when building garages?

Many builders usually want an additional side door for a free-standing garage at the property border. The costs for this are 100 to 150 euros for the side door plus about 200 euros for the installation.


A simple tilting window in the garage is usually much cheaper, but offers virtually no protection against theft. If you want a high-quality window for the garage, you have to expect about the same costs as for the side door. Furthermore, it is advisable to think of window grilles for additional security.


Further extras in garage construction are available in the various equipment options. We are talking about additional storage space with shelves or the sealing of the garage floor. In the case of the latter, it is imperative to observe the specifications and the guideline values of the respective building authority.


What other costs should be considered when building a garage?

Here are some cost factors to consider that you don’t think about at first:

Depending on the effort, this is 300 to 1,500 euros.

Depending on the state building regulations, a building measurement may be mandatory. The costs range from 250 to 500 euros.

Depending on the version, there are costs for the access.

Cost of outdoor lighting of the garage.

You may have to plan costs for a water connection.

You may have to plan costs for the drainage of the driveway.

All these costs must be taken into account by the builders. Under these aspects, the building garage, whether self-built solid garage or simply built prefabricated garage can be relatively expensive. The same applies if you opt for a simple wooden garage, prefabricated wooden garage or steel garage for garage construction.


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