How to Boost Your Brain Power to Prepare for Competitive Exams?


The government of India conducts a host of competitive exams to sieve potential candidates for different job positions. Without a doubt, candidates fight tooth and nail to crack the exam in a single go. Does hard work matter the most while preparing for the exam? No! You need to work analytically and use smart ways to study for the exam. We know that studying for the exam involves a lot of mental work. So, why not boost your brainpower to give an astonishing performance in the competitive exams. Note that the brain is a giant muscle that has control of your body. Making every possible effort to enhance its productivity can work wonders for you. 

Most of us hardly invest our time training our brain and beefing up its efficiency. However, candidates preparing for competitive exams need to reap the fruits of success. If you are an aspirant of upcoming bank examsput in smart efforts to crack the bank exams. Candidates preparing for any government exam need to follow a systematic routine to boost their brainpower. 

So, take a deeper dive into the following exercises that can cater to excellent brain-boosting advantages

Exercising your brain regularly can help you retain concepts easily. Additionally, it can aid in improving your focus. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to revamp your brain for exam preparation. 


Meditation is a true-tried technique to bolster your brain’s productivity. This is the best way to improve your focus and increase your retention capacity. Additionally, it can help you remain stress-free during your preparation phase. You need to take just 20-30 minutes to meditate out of your regular life. This habit will not only help you in studying for the exam but can also help you at your workplace.

If you are a beginner, simply shut your eyes and pay close attention to your breathing pattern. Gradually, you will become a pro at meditating. Therefore, you can use advanced techniques for meditation. Merely investing a few minutes can prepare you to perform any mental activity.  

Exercise regularly

Without a doubt, physical exercise can help you remain mentally active. It enhances brain function and improves neurogenesis ( generation of nervous tissues). Thus, it implies that your brain develops new nervous tissue every time you exercise. Apart from meditating, you can spare 30 minutes daily for rigorous exercise. This way, you can keep yourself physically fit and active throughout the day. Moreover, it is good for your health as well. You can easily maintain the ideal weight of your body.

Dance when you’ll get a chance

Many scientific surveys reveal that learning new dance moves can aid in improving your brain’s memory and processing speed. Therefore, your brain can develop new patterns after every new move you’ll make. You can try any of the following dancing activities:

  • Dance with your friends.
  • Learn ballroom dance with a partner.
  • Enrol yourself in a salsa, hip-hop or contemporary dance class.
  • Try a jazz or Zumba exercise class.
  • Watch an online video with fun dance moves that you desire to learn. 

Doing any of these dancing activities can boost your brainpower. Also, it can aid in keeping yourself optimistic while preparing for the exam. 

Learn a new language

Many types of research prove that learning new languages has many cognitive benefits. Therefore, bilinguals have a sharp memory, better visual-spatial skills and innovative thinking. Being dexterous in more than one language can help you perform multiple tasks at a time. Therefore, you can relish multiple rewards by learning a new language. Additionally, it can add value to your resume while going for a job interview. You can seek help from a reliable source to learn any new language.

Never skip your meals

Your brain can perform best when your stomach is full. Never follow the ghost that skipping meals can help you in losing weight. Instead, adhere to a daily exercise routine. Make sure you consume a diet that is enriched in nutrients. To improve the functioning of your brain, you can munch on food items that are rich in Omega-3. Moreover, remember that you need not follow caffeinated or sugary food items. Instead, you can intake sufficient water to keep yourself active the whole day.  

Listen to or play music

Listening to or playing music can help you magnify your brain’s creativity. Instead of sitting in silence, you can choose to listen to some happy tunes. Doing this can regenerate your brain muscles to think of innovative ideas. From here, we can deduce that listening to soothing music can help you generate creative ideas. Moreover, listening to music is the most relaxing thing you can do during your preparation phase. It is an entertaining activity, so you can give it time during your short breaks.

Improve your vocabulary

Learning new works can flex your brain and make you sound smart. So, how does learning new vocabulary help you improve your brain functioning? Several studies state most of the brain’s region is engaged in vocabulary tasks. To examine this theory, adhere to the following cognitive-boosting activity:

  • Keep a notepad with you while reading.
  • Jot down one familiar word, then search its meaning
  • Use that word at least five times the next day. 

It can help you fortify the productivity of your brain. Also, you’ll prepare for the English section of the competitive exam. Therefore, this way, you can shoot two birds with a single arrow.  

Currently, there are a plethora of jobs released by the Punjab government. Every youngster of Punjab has a golden opportunity to secure any government jobs in PunjabAll they need to do is prepare for a competitive exam. Interested candidates can improve their mental ability by going through the points mentioned in this article. 


Improving your brain health is a sure shot way to ace competitive exams. Many candidates yearn to boost their brainpower. They can go through the points above to know the effective ways to enhance brain efficiency. Adhere to these points if you aim to score high in any competitive exam. 

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