tips to increase the number of likes on a Facebook page

Best Tips to Increase the number of Likes on a Facebook page

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Many people on the Internet know how to increase the number of likes on Facebook pages. But most of those methods either don’t work or they are out of date. But in this article, you will know the tips to increase likes on your page, which are brand new.

There are approximately 1.91 billion active users on Facebook every day. And the average user spends over 34 minutes. In 2020, Facebook was number 2 among the most downloaded apps. And through Facebook, people are also able to grow their businesses.

So let’s talk about the methods by which you can increase the number of likes on your Facebook page. And if you want, you can increase the likes even in less time, but for that, you have to take the help of Followersindia. many people have used this platform to get results instantly.

Post content at the right time

If someone posts content on his Facebook page, then he wants many people to like, comment, and share that post. The page also increased in likes due to this. 

However, if you share your post at a time when most people are offline or busy, your post will receive very few likes. And if there are fewer likes on the post, it is obvious that there will be fewer likes on your page as well.

So you decide the timing of your post. For that, you can see the timing of the posting of other pages in your own niche. According to the survey, the right time to post is right after 8 to 12 in the morning and after 5 in the evening. Because at this time, most people use the internet.

Make how-to videos for your audience

Earlier, people used to learn everything from YouTube because there you would get a tutorial on everything. But now people are also using other social media to learn. How-to videos can be found on many pages on Facebook. What do people like to see?

If you have created your Facebook page for business, then you can also put how-to videos on it. For example, if you have a furniture business, then you can teach people about furniture on your page. With this, people who like your page will be entertained, and other people will also suggest your page.

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Always use a combination of hashtags

If you post on any social media platform from your personal profile, then you must have used hashtags. In the same way, to increase the number of likes on your Facebook page, you have to use the right combination of hashtags on the posts on your page.

You must be aware that by using the right hashtags, your post appears in the feeds of more people, which increases the chances of getting more likes. Or people who follow those hashtags may see your posts.

That is why you have to use a combination of content in your post and hashtags related to your niche, in which you can also keep popular hashtags. And always use only 5–10 hashtags.

Promote your page by joining groups on Facebook

If you want to increase the number of likes on your Facebook page, then you have to tell more and more people about your page. The best way to do this is to join groups that have a lot of members, and that group should have posts related to your niche.

You have to join more and more groups like this and share valuable content with them. If people like your content, then they themselves will click on the “like” button on your page.

You must mention in the caption of the post in those groups that if you want to see such content, then like our page. With this, people will definitely like your page if they like your content.

Create content that is relevant

You should only post relevant content. Because if you share irrelevant content, then people can report your page and get banned.

For example, if your page is related to cooking, and you start posting music videos on it, then the likes on your page will not increase, but those who have liked your page for cooking-related content will also unlike them. 

Therefore, whatever your niche is, you have to post content related to the same category.

Engage with your audience

If you have a Facebook business page, people will also want to connect with you on it. People who want to take a service or product from you can also comment on your posts and can also message you.

That’s why you always respond to their query. So, if there is any doubt about their products or services, then it should be cleared.

If someone is commenting on your posts, then it may be that they are praising your content, or it may also be that they are asking you something related to that content. You have to reply to every user.

Be consistent in posting

To increase the number of likes on your Facebook page, you need to post consistently on the page. And you have to do this thing on every social media platform. If you must have seen pages with more likes, then every single post is on it every day.

Because if you post consistently, then Facebook’s algorithm recommends your page or its posts to more people. And if your audience also gets daily content, then they will share your page with more people as well.


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