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Best swimsuits for women this summer for Trendy Style!


swimsuits for women: Summers are just around the corner. And what good is summer if it doesn’t summons your inner swimmers? So it is about time that we pack our bags, ladies, and head towards the one place that brings us absolute peace and serenity. So grab all the essentials, your SPF-50 sunscreen lotion, your beach mat for when you need to sunbathe, a pair of your best shades, and the recent copy of your favorite magazine.

You are bound to have an amazing and relaxing day at the seashore. Every summer we not just want but need a trip to the seashore. So lucky you if you are planning for a beach vacation. Either to the Bahamas or Florida. One thing every woman needs on their trip to the beach to be immaculate is their swimming suit. For men, it is easy. All they have to do is grab a pair of trunks and just dive right into the pool. However, swimsuits for women are a big deal. Women have to flaunt their bodies of all sizes and shapes on the beach like queens. And there is nothing wrong with that. So why not look for swimsuits for women two piece that actually enhances your look with their trendy style and chic effect.

There is more to swimsuits for women than just a bikini.

Long gone is the time when the best swimsuit on the beach was an extravagant bikini. Time has changed, and so has fashion. As a result, there are numerous types of swimsuits for women available in the market. Although there are many types of swimwear, you can generally classify them into the following two types.

Swimsuits for women two piece

It is the most notorious type of swimwear in women. It is not for women who are humble and do not wanna show off too much skin. But, if you are someone who loves exercising their right to wear anything they are comfortable in and look fabulous at the beach, two-piece swimsuits should be your go-to!

Some types of two-piece swimsuits include:

halter style caged front design 

The material of this swimsuit is mostly polyester and spandex. It is one of the best options for you to flaunt your neck, as wearing this will make it the center of attention.

 Block Stitched Lace Swim Suit

It is one of the colorful options in swimwear. This swimsuit is stitched in blocks. Hence, giving its unique look. Make sure to find contrasting colors in the two-piece as there is mostly one base color and other multiple colors to give it a perfect contrast.

Vintage Style swimsuit

This one is for vintage lovers. If you want to look like a model is taking a stroll along the coastline, this suit is the one for you. Grab your big-framed shades and a straw hat to ace the swimsuit’s vintage-style classic look.

The top of this suit comes with wide straps and a zip running down the chest from the middle. Whereas the bottom part is high-waisted, giving it the perfect old-school look.

Swimsuits for women one piece 

One-piece swimsuits are usually available at numerous brands and local stores. Although many women consider it to be basic and bland, it doesn’t have to be that way. One-piece swimsuits are now available in various designs and prints that can get you the best Instagram pictures at the beach.

Moreover, there are new variations in one-piece swimsuits. Some of these variations include:

One-shoulder one-piece swimwear

This swimsuit has one strap, usually on the right side. It is a bold dress that helps you make a statement that you are not on the beach to mess around. You got what it takes to be the queen of hearts.

The wrap-style one-piece 

This swimsuit is mostly bicolored. There are innumerable colors options, so picking the colors that describe you best is easier. It is best to find the contrasting colors so that they complement each other. Make sure to color code with the accessories you will be taking with you to the beach.

Button-down striped one-piece swimwear 

It is a relatively new style of one-piece swimsuits. It has an overall classic look to it with a low back and a flirtatious wide neck. Wear it to the beach, and you are bound to make many heads turn.

Where to buy the best swimsuits for women 

We are living in an era of technology. Everything is available on the tips of our fingers. All we have to do now is to fish out our cellphones, tap our screens several times, and boom. You just got a ticket to Costa Rica. Subsequently, everything you want can now be delivered to your doorsteps. Depending on your needs and availability, your item can be delivered in a matter of hours.

Similarly, if you need a new swimsuit this summer, you can get on the internet, look for the best designs available, put on your credit card details, and the next thing you know, you are on the beach rocking your new swimsuit.

Here, we have shortlisted a few brands you can order from online. They have the most trendy, fashionable, and best collection of swimsuits for women.


ASOS is a U.K.-based shop that sells the best swimsuits. It has the best return policies and two-day shipping all year on every product if you buy its annual subscription. However, their sizes may not be as flexible as an American-based company. Therefore it is best to confirm your size from their size charts online.


ZAFUL has been a favorite among the ladies because of the regular sales they run on most of their items. You can find almost everything you wish to wear as they cater to a large customer base.


Aerie provides all its customer with a 2-month return policy. They have some of the best easy-to-wear bikinis and tankinis in the market. As it is a child brand of American Eagle, therefore you do not have to worry about not finding the correct size. They have a wide variety of matching tops and bottoms and an amazing collection of one-piece swimsuits for women.


If you obsess over vintage-style swimwear and retro designs, Modcloth is a must-visit for you! Although they have always had suitable sizes for their clientele, they still have a three-month exchange policy. In addition, their vintage-looking swimsuits have high-waisted bottoms that enhance your curvy frame and make you look poppin’.

However, they might not be easy on your pockets. But, you know how it is. The heart gets what the heart wants. So don’t worry about the price tag. Instead, choose their aesthetic blend with quirkiness to have a terrific day at the beach.

This summer, choose what suits you best. Because Money is temporary, but drip is permanent. Have a great summer ahead!

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