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While orcs and elves wave their swords and staves in fantasy online MMORPGs games, next to them, at a distance of a few mouse clicks, lasers hiss, plasma charges thump and power shields sparkle.

We present to your attention the best Sci-Fi MMORPGs – top fantasy games for those who love to surf the universe, explore new planets or just shoot with something more effective than a bow and arrow.


The sequel to not the most successful Sci-Fi MMORPG, in which a huge amount of work has been done on the bugs. The events of the game develop in the distant future: the solar system is teeming with aliens , and almost all planets are available to people. The mysterious Wanderer helps the Guardians in the fight against extraterrestrial invaders, but the last stronghold of light, the legendary Tower, fell under the onslaught of the Red Legion. The story campaign of the game resembles an expensive space opera and, in fact, it is.

Paying great attention to the plot and the universe, the authors have not forgotten about the action. Destiny 2 is an excellent shooter that has a place for boss fights, patrolling locations, side quests, Cade’s chest quests and massive PvP battles. In general, the game has become more beautiful, richer and livelier, but still focused on the grind.



Space “sandbox” and global political simulator in which alliance battles include thousands of ships on each side, and the cost of one “Titan” exceeds the cost of some car models. There are about 5,000 star systems in the game, divided into security zones. A relatively safe Empire is surrounded by pirate zones, and behind them lie gigantic spaces of “zeros” – locations where PvP is not limited by anything.

Despite its huge size, the world of EVE Online is full of life: here they dig asteroids, mine ice, hunt miners , rob caravans, sabotage the market, explore wormholes, fight off pirate invasions and, of course, fight for territory and influence. Even after so many years after the release of EVE Online car parking games unblocked (released in 2003 ) remains the most solid and balanced space sim in the world.



This Sci-Fi online game has the largest open world in existence. There are 400 billion star systems available for exploration, plus even more planets to land on. True, the inhabited “bubble” has a diameter of only 1000 light years.  But no one is stopping you from dropping everything and flying to the other side of the Milky Way.

Elite: Dangerous will make you feel all the charms and horrors of the loneliness of space.  Teach you how to navigate a ship in the conditions of meticulously worked out Newtonian physics. Make you forget about the real world for many months. The game will not entertain you – get ready to look for entertainment yourself.

STAR CONFLICT is a dynamic, beautiful and diverse space simulator with stunning landscapes and intense battles


Already elderly, but still vigorous Sci-Fi MMORPG with the ability to withdraw earned money in real life. The game’s economy is based on the Project Entropia Dollar (PED) currency with a fixed exchange rate to the US dollar (10:1). There are a lot of ways to make money in Planet Calypso.  Collecting animal sweat (yes, sweat), mining, transporting passengers, trading, crafting , investment income. True, not all of them are effective, so for a good start you will have to invest real money in the parking games unblocked.

The world of Planet Calypso consists of five separate planets, between which flights are possible. Each of them has its own flora, fauna and minerals. Outer space is also not dead – pirates are operating in it, so traveling between planets is not always safe. The threshold for entering the game is extremely high.  But if you understand all the nuances, then you will have the prospect of a good income.



Inspired by the famous TV series, this Sci-Fi MMORPG offers two modes. A space simulator where you can fly your own starship, and a classic ground mode with shootouts and story missions.

The main action takes place in space, not the most realistic, but sometimes beautiful. In foot battles, assistants are available to players, but the missions themselves are monotonous and quickly get bored. In addition to the main character in the game, you need to upgrade the starship crew. New officers appear as you wander around the galaxy and actively help both in ground and space fights. Unfortunately, Russian is not supported in Star Trek Online .

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The epic long-term construction from the creator of the Starlancer . Freelancer series of simulators, Chris Roberts, has slowly reached the alpha release stage. Not everyone can play, but only backers, that is, those who helped raise more than $65,000,000 for development.

With this money, Chris and Co. have created a complete online space combat simulator with an open world , multi-person ships, planetary landings, and first-person combat . The game also features space station rentals and a base of operations for outlaw players (yes, you can become a rogue pirate in Star Citizen). The number of available ships has already exceeded five dozen, and among them there are not only combat, but also transport, research and industrial.

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