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Texinspec is a prominent name when it comes to Home Inspection Services in Dallas Fort Worth and why knowing that is important? Because the health of the house we are living in affects us immensely. Our health and the beauty of our home are greatly disturbed by the things that stay hidden from our eyes. But they are contaminating everything around us slowly.

Termites In Home:

One of the top problems that are faced when you talk about the health of your home is Termites. The main indication that you have termites on a property is mud tube. They use mud tubes to travel in swarms while eating away any wood that comes in their way. There are other cases as well in which the mud tubes are not prominent. But termites are making your wood hollow by seeping inside the wood. And not leaving a mark and that is when you need expert help.

Texinspec provides you the best Real Estate Inspection Services in Dallas and they send highly experienced home inspectors who analyze your home thoroughly and give you feedback about what is needed in order to get rid of this problem.

Whether you are living in that place or thinking about buying it, considering a home inspection. And getting it done regularly is very important as it helps to keep the facts in check.

Keeping two situations in mind, here is what you can do!

If you have a house in Dallas and you doubt that you have termites there and want to get it checked. You just have to simply call Texinspec. They will send a home inspector over to see what can be done to help you get rid of this problem.

A deep cleanse is needed and certain chemicals are injected to the ground or the walls where the soil meets the cement and this is where the growth occurs.

The choice of chemicals that need to be injected is a very serious selection to do as it is a onetime process and it is injected through a drill machine.

A very precise hole is dug and the chemical is injected to the defined level. And then it is filled back to surface the hole. This certainly helps with the problem and guarantee is provided as well. A back up visit is ensured as well to check if the problem continues.

The New Home:

The second case arises when you are buying a new home. While getting a new home, it is highly recommended to get a home inspection done. No amount of stress is enough to illustrate how important it is to get a house checked before you move in to it.

It is better to be safe than sorry, so before making your lifetime investment. Make sure you check that the place where you are spending a major chunk of your capital, is it worth it or not? No one wants a deal which will result in a loss.

So before you send the payment for that beautiful corner house that you loved during a real estate visit, make sure it is free of any flaws.

While the woodwork in the house is badly affected by the presence of termites. There is another major hazard that needs to be taken care of while living in Dallas.


There is a gas called Radon that is present in our environment in low amounts. But when a more potential amount is inhaled, it can lead to lung cancer. The Dallas home inspector will make sure that they checks every room of your house. Specially the less used ones to make sure that they are free of Radon and if not, then they will take preventive measures.

Radon seeps through our walls or floor hence we need to keep a close eye on the cracks that are formed on walls and floors over time.

If you are living in a house, make sure to get it checked regularly for any potential radon hazard. As it is unknowingly affecting the health of your family.

Radon testing in Dallas is important if you are buying a new home. In order to get it checked for the levels of radon present inside it. So that you may not be moving into a death trap as radon has proven to cause death in America if inhaled due to a regular exposure. Before moving in, hire a home inspector, ask him for a thorough analysis and then explain that analysis to you.

Also do not forget to ask for a recommendation from your home inspector. Either it is a good idea or not, to move into this house. And start a beautiful life style there with your family.

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