Best Commodious Method of Merge Outlook PST Files


MS Outlook is the most sufficient email client that is used globally by many users. Users find this email client as a convenient platform to store their emails.

Also, there are many limitations that are faced by the users while using the MS Outlook email client. And thus, there are many reasons for a user to merge their Outlook PST files.


Let us now have a look at the merging task.

Why should Outlook users merge PST files?

Outlook users may need to merge PST files for a variety of reasons.

  • Switching to another email client: When switching from Microsoft Outlook to another email client, he can combine all her PST files into one PST file. By having all the data in one file, you can easily move your emails and other mailbox items to the new platform.
  • Combining multiple Outlook accounts: If you use different e-mail accounts for personal, work, and social network e-mail, you may have a large number of PST files. To consolidate these accounts, merge the PST files and import the resulting PST into the new account.
  • Upgrading to newer versions of Outlook: Earlier versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2007 support a maximum PST file size of 20 GB. As a result, users of this Outlook version had to generate numerous PST files to store all their emails. For later Outlook versions, the maximum is 50 GB. If you upgrade to a newer version of Outlook, you can combine your existing PST files into one PST file.

Merge the PST files using MS Outlook

Let us have a look at the steps for merging the Outlook PST files using the MS Outlook email client:

Create a new blank PST

  • To create a new blank PST, follow these steps:
  • In the Outlook window, click New Items -> More Items -> Outlook Data File
  • Select a location to save a new blank PST and name it
  • Click OK

Merge PST files to a newly created blank.

  • To merge PST files into a new file created above, follow these steps:
  • In the Outlook window, click File -> Open -> Import
  • This will open the Import-Extract Assistant. Select Import to another program or file
  • Click Next
  • Select the Outlook Data File (.pst) file type to import
  • Click Next
  • Click Browse to find the file to be imported
  • Check the Do Not Submit Duplicates box
  • Click Next
  • Select which folder you want to import
  • Check the Insert subfolders and Import items into the same folder in the boxes
  • Click Finish

Limitations of the Manual method

Let us have a look at the limitations that have been faced by any user while following the manual method:

  • Files are not maintained by the tool
  • The instant result is not provided
  • Accuracy is not maintained
  • Direct merging is not done
  • Not an independent method to merge the PST files

These are some of the limitations that are faced by the users while following the merging of the PST files.

The Merge PST app

Users can now combine all Outlook PST files in just minutes with this highly designed Softaken Outlook PST Merger. The application runs smoothly on any Windows operating system, providing smooth compatibility for all users. The application can be used by any user without errors or data corruption. This app offers users great accuracy and helps beginners to merge Outlook PST files. Users will not face any hurdles using this amazing Merge PST application. Additionally, the app merges Outlook PST files containing UNICODE and ANSII. You can use this application to merge any files. Apart from that, this app supports many Outlook versions including 2007, 2010, and many others.

Let’s take a closer look at this amazing tool.

Steps to merge your Outlook PST files

For merging your Outlook PST files smoothly users do have to follow the below-provided steps. Below are the steps discussed:

  • Download this app on your Windows Operating System
  • Now install this Outlook PST Merger tool
  • Then, add the Outlook PST files that you need to merge
  • Set a path to save your merged Outlook PST files.
  • Finalize the above steps by clicking on the “merge now” button


By following these few steps, a user can easily and comfortably carry the merging of Outlook files. Moreover, for the convenience of the user screenshots are also provided by the app.

Some features

Let us have a look at these features that are provided by the Merge PST tool:

  • Easy and smooth combine:-Easy and smooth combine of Outlook PST files is done with this amazing application. The application provides a sleek GUI interface so even non-technical users can easily merge Outlook PST files. Anyone can easily operate the app.
  • Great Compatibility:-This app provides great compatibility for all users. Therefore, each Windows operating system from older to newer OS versions, such as Windows XP and Windows 10.
  • Accurate No user-facing errors throughout the merge process. Maintaining user accuracy ensures users get healthy results every time. File integrity is also maintaine by the app.
  • Any Size Merge:-Users can merge all Outlook files from small Outlook files to large Outlook files without limitation. The user assumes no obligations when merge Outlook files.
  • Fast Scan & Preview:-All your Outlook PST files will be quickly scanned and previewed with this amazing tool. Files are scanne to ensure that users do not experience data corruption throughout the merge process.
  • Independent tool:-This Merge PST tool is an independent app that can be use by any user. A user does not need to install the MS Outlook email client for merging the PST files. Also, there are no other apps a user needs for merging tasks.


The blog provides information about the merging of Outlook PST files. A user can choose the manual method to merge the PST files but following the manual method users do faces many limitations thus it will be reliable for a user to select the merge PST tool.