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Career Counselling in India

After the 12 standards, a student has a wide range of options to choose from, based on the stream he/she has opted for. The selection of a course that offers the most perks and resonates with what the student wishes to pursue, becomes of paramount importance. Due to the availability of numerous options, College Disha is the best career counselling company in India. This is where Career Counselling and Course Counselling comes into play. By referring to a professional counsellor, there is a certain sense of direction and path provided to them in the field they find good for themselves.


For an instance, a student from Commerce background is trying to look for all the probable Career options he can take. He has a knack for number crunching, understands business policies and he can make economically sound decisions. This skill set can make him eligible for Career options such as becoming a data analyst, a Chartered Accountant, a Business Development Associate, a company secretary, or an Economist.

 He certainly possesses the potential to any one of the things mentioned above. But, he may not clear on what path shall he choose. With the help of a counsellor, the student will inform about each of these professions. In regards to details informative enough to make him understand which option will suit his abilities.      

After he chooses a Career goal, let’s assume that is a Business Development Associate. But, now he may confuse on which course he should pick. BBA in finance sounds similar to BBA in marketing and even BBA in Human Resources. 

This is where Best Career Counseling Company in India comes in handy. a trained professional counsellor would know just the right course for him. He would first try to analyse his (the Student’s) needs. And, then try to make sure that he has a fair idea about all the courses. So, he is interested in and the courses that match with the profile of his career choice.  

Course Counselling in India

Previously, there was a lot of talk around Career Counselling after 12 and how it helps a student. While we talk about Career Counselling, we must also be aware of the term Course Counselling in India. At times, there are a few different courses that are from the same background, with the same profile, but may not prove to be as Career-wise beneficial as others. 

Course counselling helps an individual to choose from a wide array of courses, which correspond and resonate with the Career option chosen by them. It enables them to make a more informed decision regarding the number of years that they are expecting to dedicate. So, the exposure that they would need and the area of study that particular course would focus on.   

It is important to note that there is a very subtle, yet very important difference between Career Guidance and Counselling. It put it into simpler words, a Career is the main and primary objective of getting educated. Courses are the pathways that lead an individual towards their career goals. Choosing the right course leads to a better-informed decision in choosing a career. 

Best Career Counseling Company in India after 12 is an important step that a student shall take in order to make a better off. Well thought, and an informed decision regarding the Course that he or she wants to undertake. Course counselling comes next in line, where they decide on which course. It suits their own individual skill sets and would enable them to fulfil their career goals

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