Best And Easy Step To Cancel Auto-Renewal For Avast


Auto-renewal is a special service available on many premium applications. When you are running freeware; it won’t need renewal. But you need to update that program regularly. On the paid programs, users can only access the functions if they have an active license. Without the license, users can’t run the premium tools. After the license expiry; the user can renew it with any use of the tools. Users can enable auto-renewal if they don’t like renewing the license manually. Your license will renew and billing will occur from your bank account. This feature is enabled by default in many of the programs. If you don’t need a renewal for your program then cancel it. 

Cancel the auto-renewal from the online account

Users can cancel the auto-renewal of their program from any account. You don’t require the program or the device for cancellation. Users can use the browser on a device and open the program’s account easily.

How to turn off auto renewal for Avast?

  • Go to your browser to open the program’s website
  • Open the homepage and click on My Account
  • Enter the login credentials 
  • After opening your account; select the subscription 
  • Click on the auto-renewal feature
  • If the switch is available; toggle to Off
  • When the button is not available, you will see the Cancel option
  • Hit on the cancel button for disabling the auto-renewal
  • Users will see a confirmation popup
  • Choose Confirm option 

Now reopen the profile page and you will get the license expiry date. Use the program until the expiry and the program will not renew automatically. 

Get your refund for the auto-renewal

When you didn’t disable the auto-renewal feature and the subscription for the program gets renewed then check for its refund feature. When you are using a monthly subscription; you barely find the auto-renewal feature. But on the yearly subscription plan, users can get the refund feature. Open the web and check the refund service policy of your program. If the license is under the renewal service then go for it. The user has to cancel the renewed plan and then ask for a refund. But after cancellation; the user can’t use the paid features of the program.

  • Open the program’s website
  • Click on the My Info icon
  • Provide the login information
  • Open the homepage of your profile
  • Click on the subscription window
  • Go to the auto-renewed plan
  • Tap the Cancel option
  • Users will get the two options 
  • Select the Refund option
  • A confirmation page may appear
  • Click on the Yes option

Go to the refund column and fill in all your details. The subscription to the program will expire and the user can no longer use the services.

License cancellation on Smartphone

For the phone devices, the apps are available on the Store. Users can directly search the program and install the setup on their device. For purchasing the subscription; you can use the play store. If the license has the auto-renewal feature then cancel it. 

  • Open the Play Store on your phone
  • Go to the profile icon
  • Tap on the Payments and Subscription icon
  • Select the Subscription window
  • Tap on the Program
  • Hit the Cancel button
  • Users may get a Pause Payment option
  • Select the No Thanks and hit on Confirm button

Close the Play Store and go to the application. Tap on the subscription and check the expiry. Now try to run the program to ensure that the program is running as the features will work until the expiry date.

Renewing the subscription of your program manually

After the expiry date; if you need the program then go for renewal. User can renew the subscription manually whenever he needs the program. Sometimes the user removes the program but later he wants to access it. You don’t have to create a new account; install the setup and login into the existing account. Open the subscription and tap on the Renew button next to the expiry status. Choose the plan and type the details. Renew the program and use the tools again. Users can also renew the subscription before the expiry as the new subscription will start after the expiry of the previous plan. Renewing the program ahead of date prevents the subscription expiry. 

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