Benefits of Blockchain Certification

5 Benefits of Getting a Blockchain Certification


Until a few years ago, no one would have imagined that people wouldn’t need banks anymore for storing their money. The revolutionary blockchain technology changed the conventional perspective on various enterprise processes and systems. Blockchain and crypto have challenged the autocracy of banks and other financial institutions in the global economic infrastructure. At the same time, the use of blockchain for the transformation of enterprise systems and processes calls for expert blockchain professionals. In such cases, it is inevitable to look for the benefits of blockchain certification for building your career in new, emerging technology.

The following post helps you uncover the formidable value advantages you can explore with a blockchain certification for your career or something new. 

Why Should I Care About a Blockchain Certification Now?

The search for top blockchain certifications might seem like an off-beat trend in technology careers nowadays. However, you can understand the true potential of a blockchain certification only after reviewing where blockchain stands today. Contrary to general assumptions, blockchain is not limited to the boundaries of cryptocurrencies anymore. 

  • Estimates suggest that enterprises will most likely spend almost $20 billion annually on different blockchain-based technical services by the end of 2024. 
  • Governments are showing their interest in embracing blockchain applications. For example, Australia Post has announced plans for using blockchain technology to empower local voting. On the other hand, the UK is experimenting with possibilities for leveraging blockchain in applications for tracking welfare distribution. 
  • Not only blockchain applications, but some countries are also openly adopting cryptocurrencies as legal tender. The most recent example of the same is Estonia, which adopted Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021. 
  • Above everything else, the search for a blockchain certification course largely revolves around how blockchain has shaped up as an in-demand skill. The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, new applications of blockchain, and different emerging real-world use cases provide the ideal foundation for considering blockchain as an in-demand skill. 

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Benefits of Blockchain Certifications

So, blockchain is a growing technology and presents many promising career opportunities. How can you use the opportunities to your advantage? What if you don’t want to build a career in blockchain and develop your own enterprise instead? You can find the answers to all these questions with the best blockchain certification in your professional portfolio. In such cases, you need to look for the benefits of professional blockchain expert certifications to understand their value. Here are the important value advantages you can identify with the top blockchain certifications available right now.

  • Professional Recognition

One of the foremost entries among benefits of blockchain certification refers to professional recognition. Many blockchain certification providers offer a digital badge of certification to qualified candidates. You can use the certification badges on different social media networks for flaunting your blockchain expertise. 

  • Lots of Opportunities

In simple words, a blockchain certification shows the world that you are a blockchain expert. Therefore, you may attract some promising career or business opportunities from the blockchain community, all for the certification. 

  • Skill Development

Qualifying the tests of the best blockchain certification like CEBP certification on 101 Blockchains is no child’s play. You would have to prepare your way through multiple topics in different modules, according to the certification exam objectives. In addition, the training offered in a blockchain certification course could also help you learn from professional experts. The guidance of experts supports certified candidates in perceiving the blockchain landscape beyond theory.

  • Updated with Trends 

Credible blockchain certifications help candidates tailor their skills and knowledge for the existing trends in blockchain job markets worldwide. A blockchain certification also requires renewal, thereby calling for certified professionals to stay updated with latest trends. Basically, a certification lets you stay in the loop without the fear of losing to competition. 

  • Competitive Advantage

With the clearly evident benefit of skill development with top blockchain certifications, you can also enjoy the value of competitive advantage. Enterprises look for certified candidates as the first choice for any blockchain-based job role. Why? Professional enterprise blockchain certifications prepare candidates for on-job duties with practical objective-oriented tasks. 

Therefore, a certified blockchain professional is more likely to have a better idea of what to do on the job. Certified candidates are an obviously valuable asset for the workforce of any tech company. You can also command a better remuneration than non-certified candidates in similar job roles. 

Final Thoughts

The stupendous rise of blockchain technology may not come as a surprise after over a decade of its arrival. Today, the demand for blockchain certification is skyrocketing primarily due to the need for certified blockchain experts. Almost every business wants to jump on the blockchain trend, and they need blockchain professionals to help them. 

In such cases, the best blockchain certification could offer a wide range of advantages for your professional development. However, you need to be careful in choosing the blockchain certification as it can make or break your career. Find more about some of the most credible blockchain certifications for you right now.      

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