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Being a conscious and socially conscious company is more essential than ever. Social issues are not an option anymore. Each person and company should take responsibility as responsible members of society. YouTube is one of the most important platforms where brands promote social awareness and create their own socially conscious image. With the launch of the program YouTube Giving, doing so is now easier than ever before.

What exactly is YouTube Giving?

In simple terms, YouTube giving is a collection of features and tools that allow creators and viewers to give to charities worldwide. Donations can send directly to legitimate and reputable NGOs. It may become active in many aspects of social and human development. YouTube Giving is an easy method to use YouTube to bring about social transformation.

YouTube was always a platform on which people could gather to engage and communicate. In the aftermath of Covid-19, many areas of the globe were hit by an emergency. It was an uplifting experience to watch people come together through YouTube. And, it offers assistance in every way they could. More than ever before, people felt the need to support one another and how important it is to be part of an international community. From organizing fundraisers to launching campaigns, YouTubers worldwide set out to become more socially aware.

They also have a practical and business aspect. It’s not a viable option to be socially conscious any longer. A lack of compassion will cause people to avoid using the products and services you offer. Every brand must become a part of something bigger than the business to appeal to the public. This is often the most important element with increasing competition in all sectors.

What is the process behind YouTube Giving performs?

The best feature of YouTube Giving is it’s user-friendly and can be set up by anyone. YouTube content creators and viewers do not have to think about where their funds are going. All transactions are processed through Google using their highest-quality security. The money is given only to non-profits that are legal, registered, and have a track record of good works.

What do creators benefit from YouTube Giving?

If you’re marketing content to promote your brand via YouTube, adding the donate button to your live stream or video is simple. If someone donates through you donate button, it will be deposited into YouTube’s fund. After that, it’s given to charities in the event of a need.

It’s an excellent opportunity for your company to project an image of social responsibility. We understand it’s an ethical choice to make on a personal and ethical basis. Your viewers will feel the same way when they donate by watching your content. It is easy and doesn’t carry any chance of fraud or misuse of money. Many companies have already established a policy to give to causes that are socially beneficial periodically. As it becomes the norm, more people will reap advantages, and more companies are gaining the trust of their customers. We’ll explore the many ways you can participate through YouTube Giving.


With YouTube Giving, it is possible to raise funds and earn funds to support an important cause. Fundraisers are among the most effective ways to raise funds for any cause. YouTube Giving makes fundraising simpler than ever. The creator needs to place the Donate button in their video. When the donate button is placed in the video, anyone will click on it to donate what they can. It is possible to spread the word about your donation via YouTube’s YouTube share feature. You could even receive free YouTube subscribers as more people learn about the cause. The YouTube funds are then turned over to various non-profit organizations through YouTube to help with social development. Fundraising without a strong infrastructure and platform is extremely challenging. YouTube has addressed this issue through a simple interface that allows anyone to donate without trouble or delay.

We will learn how to include the Donate button at the bottom of a YouTube video in the following steps.

The first thing to note is that there are some requirements your channel needs to satisfy to be able to include a donate button.

  • Your channel needs to be located within either the USA, UK, or Canada
  • You must have at least 10,000 subscribers
  • Your channel isn’t classified as a channel for children.
  • Your channel must be a part of the YouTube partner program.

After you have confirmed that all the requirements may fulfill, you’re able to include your Donate button.

  • Log in to the Google account you have created. Google account, then open YouTube.
  • When YouTube is opened, then go to YouTube Studio.
  • There is an option to the left on the left. From the menu, select “Monetization.”
  • In the menu that appears, select ‘Giving.’
  • There is a list of registered non-profits on their lists. Select the one you would like to give your money to

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  • If you are unable to locate the non-profit organization you’re seeking, select “Request a Non-Profit”
  • After selecting, you’ll require to provide details regarding the event. The details should include the name, description, collaborators, and additional information relevant to the event.
  • After completing the basic information, you will require to establish a fundraising target and time. It may become crucial to provide you and your donors with the opportunity to plan your actions. The purpose and timeframe can alter later.
  • Select a video, or schedule live streams, and then the Donate button appears.
  • After everything may set After that, click “Publish.”

Following these steps, you can easily add the donation button to the bottom of your YouTube videos. It may not necessary to think about the details of correctly allocating the cash. Everything can take care of by the YouTube payment system. YouTube also doesn’t charge any processing charges. The entire amount you make goes to the charity you have chosen.

Community fundraisers

What you do on your own may not as effective as what you can achieve in collaboration with the other YouTube creators or followers. This is why YouTube Giving’s community-based fundraiser is an excellent alternative to make a bigger social impact.

The community fundraiser helps you build relationships with other YouTubers or organizations and brands. Networking provides new growth opportunities. You enjoy the benefits of networking along with the pleasure of giving.

Let us know what you can do to participate in a community-based fundraiser or even start one.

  • Log in or sign in on YouTube
  • Click here to YouTube Studio
  • In the menu on the left and select ‘Monetization.’
  • From the menu, choose the option ‘Giving.’
  • Click on the Get Started Option
  • Select ‘Join a fundraiser
  • There will become a listing of community fundraising events that are open that you can join.
  • Select the one that you would like to
  • Choose the videos where the Donate button will display or set up live streams for the same videos.
  • Choose “Publish”

By following these easy steps, you can be a part of a fundraising event for the community. Through a community-based fundraiser, you will be working with others YouTube channels to contribute money for the cause. All proceeds may donate successfully to a select group of non-profit organizations.

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Once you have figured out how to incorporate the donate button to be an active participant in an event for the community, it is equally important to be aware of how you handle your money. YouTube offers an intuitive and simple interface that allows you to keep track of the entire process and track the amount you’re generating. To get started, follow the following steps.

  • Register or sign into YouTube
  • Go to the YouTube Studio
  • From the menu on the left select Monetization.
  • From the menu that appears, select “Giving.”
  • You will be your active fundraising activities. To modify anything, click More > Edit.
  • There is also the option of deleting any event.

As you can observe, the top platform for donating is YouTube. It is essential to have money; however, donating it to an important cause will give your company a lot of goodwill. It will affect how other people view your brand and whether they’ll suggest it to someone else.


Businesses aren’t operating like they did in the past and had good reasons for it. Many businesses are shifting away from abusive practices and positively affecting society. Companies that do not accomplish this tend to saw in a negative image. Many people deliberately avoid these companies for future requirements.

However, if you attempt to reduce it down into business terms, there are some positives. Every successful entrepreneur knows that when a product or service doesn’t add value, customers won’t accept it. Being socially responsible and mindful is an effective way to add value to your business. It can boost credibility and make your company stand out from competitors that do not have a social conscience.

Making a conscious social image used to be a struggle. With the effortless YouTube donations, it’s much more accessible than ever before. If you’re not making a profit from this option, you’re losing out on professional and personal levels. If you’d like to learn more about YouTube donations or are interested in purchasing YouTube subscribers and would like to buy YouTube subscribers or get free YouTube likes, get in contact with our experts at SubPals today.

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