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Baby Eczema: Get the Best Skin allergy treatment in Chandigarh

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The delicious scent, soft and smooth skin, tiny little fingers, and tiny little toes— newborns are squishy cuties.

Nothing in this world is more delicate and more delightful than a newborn’s skin and smell.

So, it turns out surprising for parents to discover unpleasant rashes on their baby’s skin. When a newborn’s skin looks more like a teenager’s, with red bumps or patches flaring out all over the face, the heartbreaks into pieces. If so, your child needs the best skin allergy treatment in Chandigarh.

Rashes on newborn skin are not unusual.

American Academy of Dermatology Association reports, about 20% of newborns have a type of acne called neonatal acne.

But, the parent’s frustration gets exacerbated when they become unsure about the reason for the breakout.

When you are not sure about the reason, then how can you help your baby in alleviating those red bumps?

The culprit is either baby acne or baby Eczema.

Let’s dig deeper to differentiate eczema and baby acne to help you in finding the best skin allergy treatment in Chandigarh.

What Is Baby Acne?

Baby acne is prevalent in babies under six weeks of age. Parents observe the tiny red bumps and rashes on their one or two weeks old babies. Acne can pop up anytime before six weeks of age on a newborn’s skin.

Neonatal acne is not a critical issue that jolts parents. The acne rashes tend to disappear after one or two months.

Causes of Baby Acne

Newborn acne can break out at any time without any significant reason. But sometimes, oils, the mother’s hormones, and bacteria play a crucial role in triggering acne breakouts on the baby’s skin.

How to Spot Baby Acne?

Now it comes spotting baby acne.

  • Acne can pop up on your baby’s face anytime within two weeks of age.
  • Some newborns are born with acne on their faces.
  • Acne breaks out on the baby’s face, disappears, and then again can return.
  • The usual acne-affected areas are the face, neck, throat, cheeks, chin, nose, chest, hands, forehead, legs, back, even the scalp.
  • Like teenage acne, baby acne is tiny little red and yellow bumps that appear on a baby’s face and other areas.

Jama Dermatology reports that the total number of acne-affected individuals circled between 40 million-50million in the United States.

So, parents do not need to panic about baby acne.

However, if the inflammation continues after six weeks of your baby’s age, you must seek the best skin allergy treatment in Chandigarh.

The best dermatologist will help you in ruling out certain things:

Make Sure It’s Acne

It is unusual for baby acne to continue popping up on the skin after six weeks of your baby’s age. The best dermatologist will help you to determine whether it is acne or another kind of skin inflammation caused by infection, heat rash, or baby eczema.

Is Something Wrong Inside your Baby’s Body?

Professional skincare specialists may prescribe a few tests for your baby to detect whether anything serious trouble is going on inside your newborn’s body.

Is The Baby Cream or Oil the Culprit?

Sometimes, babies get acne from the skincare products like cream, oil, soap, or shampoo you apply on their skin. Doctors will help you to identify which skincare product is causing trouble and what would be the most suitable skincare brand for your child.

What Is Eczema?

Baby eczema is a red and inflamed skin condition.

Eczema appears on babies’ skin around six months to five years old.

  • 10-20% of kids worldwide suffer from eczema. (The American Academy of Dermatology)
  • Around 20% of infants across the globe get affected by eczema. (The American Academy of Dermatology)

When your baby’s skin gets dry and exposed to an allergen, the inflammation of eczema flares up, eczema continues as your baby gets older. But some infants outgrow eczema at the age of four.

Spotting Baby Eczema

A few signs help parents identify that the red patches on their baby’s face are due to eczema:

  • Dry, rough, scaly, and scratchy skin
  • Red and inflamed patches
  • Swollen skin areas
  • The irritation is continuing or becoming severe with your child’s age

Unlike baby acne, eczema is a severe skin problem. Parents need to find out the best dermatologist for their babies at the initial stage of the inflammation.

How To Comfort Baby Eczema Inflammation?

 Skin Hydration

Maintaining skin hydration is crucial for your baby suffering from eczema.

  • Provide short baths with lukewarm water.
  • Avoid alcohol-based creams or lotion.
  • Use thick cream or deep moisturizers on your baby’s skin.

Choosing the Right Clothing Material

  • Don’t go for any fancy cheeky outfit for your baby.
  • Choose 100% cotton clothes to provide the ultimate soothing comfort to your baby.

Baby acne and eczema are not the same. While acne goes away without any effort, eczema requires medical attention and care for a long time.

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So, when it comes to taking care of your precious, don’t neglect even a tiny red spot on its face.

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