Augmented reality business cards

Augmented Reality Business Cards: A Smart Way To Grow Business


Augmented Reality in business cards!

Why would any business need that much upgrade?

Is it only because the global AR market will grow $340.16 billion by 2028 (Grand View Research)?

Let’s remind you of a common type of unfortunate occurrence that happened to you multiple times.

With much enthusiasm and hope, you hand your business card to someone at a networking event.

But, your business card becomes an addition to their stash of business cards.

You never get the desired call from them.

It sounds familiar.

Isn’t it?

Many reasons could be there behind your failure in business networking.

When a person or business representative gets showered with ten or twenty cards, it becomes daunting to determine which card belongs to who and which company would benefit their business.

Maybe your LinkedIn profile can hit their memory, but searching your face on LinkedIn is a time-consuming task.

Who would look forward to that?

Augmented Reality-powered business card is like the magic solution to this problem.

Despite creating the ‘wow’ impression, AR business cards are peerless in efficacy and convenience.

The robust foundation of a business expansion stands on the pillars of making contacts and sharing business ideas and offerings with potential customers. For years, companies have been using business cards to provide their potential customers with the contact details of their company.

With an AR business card, your company can stand out among the crowd. Your clients will find more about you quickly.


How Do AR Business Cards Work?

AR business cards come with markers. When a person scans the usual business card with the Augmented Reality applications, the AR business card pops up. The AR companies in India helps companies to project their company profile, social media profile, products/services, web link, awards, etc., through AR business cards.

  • Clients can use the Smartphone camera to track the marker on the card.
  • Clients can step their feet into the immersive visual experience the company offers through the business card by scanning the card.
  • The business information, products/services detail, company profile, etc., appears in front of the eyes of the clients compellingly and interactively.
  • AR companies in India have made it possible for companies to integrate more and more information regarding their business within the space of a business card.

The limited space turns into unlimited.


How Do Augmented Reality Business Cards Help To Grow Network And Business?

  • Statista has estimated 1.7 billion mobile AR users will burgeon the world by 2024.
  • Techjury reports that 70% of consumers rely on Augmented Reality Benefits.

While the world is shouting AR and VR loud, companies do not want to leave any possible areas of their business operation and marketing AR unturned.

Statistic Brain Research Institute reports that 72% of people gauge a company or its owner upon the business card.

Companies must leverage immersive technologies and AR companies in India to get a competitive edge and accelerate their business growth pace in this digital business era.

The interactive and informative AR business cards aid companies to grow their business network and revenue through following ways:


Information Sharing At Fingertip

Compared to traditional business cards, one can quickly scan the AR business card to get a company’s information instantly.

  • The user needs to point their camera on the marker or QR code to dig out the business information, company’s logo, products/services, the company’s experience, official website link, etc., in a hassle-free manner.
  • The potential clients can even zoom the information without struggling to go through the small letters.
  • Your clients can share detailed images of your products and services on social media platforms.

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Bye Bye To Paper Cards

  • Approximately 10 billion business cards get printed out in the USA every year (Graphicszoo).
  • On every set of 2000 business cards that get distributed, a company experiences a 25% hike in sales (Graphicszoo).

So, here it goes, you need to print out 2000 business cards to boost your sales.

With Augmented Reality-driven Business cards, all the printing and distributing of business cards have become novel and effortless.

  • With the digital AR business cards, companies can store all their essential business information contact detail in one place.
  • The contact information is accessible from anywhere, anytime.
  • You can offer your clients a seamless interactive experience to get your business and contact information. This impression lasts for a long time.

Now you think, do you need to print and carry traditional paper business cards anymore?

Since AR business cards ensure more conversion, they increase your business sales even more than 25% beyond any doubt.


Get Your Hands On Customer Data 

Besides making marketing and branding effortless, AR business cards add agility to customer data collection.

The Location analytics market will swing high $29.9 billion by 2026 (Markets and Markets)

Geolocation enables businesses to track and find their potential clients and their interests. You can easily seize your client’s attention and retain them for a lifetime.


Boost Your Social Following

On having a positive experience, the likelihood of a consumer for brand recommendation on social media is about 71% (Statusbrew)

A company’s social media presence is crucial for rapid customer conversion.

It is an already established factor running across the digital realm.

Augmented Reality business cards are ideal for companies to boost their social media following.

Businesses can add their company social media links to their digital business cards.

Customers will start following the latest products, services, and other business updates through a few taps.

AR companies in India and their AR development services, including AR business cards, can help your business dazzle among the crowd, grow network and conversion.

Augmented Reality business card is a great and effective way to enhance your brand value to your clients. One meeting is enough to share complete and detailed information about your company with your clients with an AR business card. EDIIIE, one of the leading AR companies in India, is helping businesses to project a better version of themselves to their clients through developing customized AR business cards.

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Allow us to make your business card alive to tell your company’s story to potential clients!


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