Audible Definition Is Something You Can Hear Easily | Elixir Is A Magical Portion


Are you curious after listening to someone that your voice is not audible and now want to know the audible definition? Do you know in which situations we use the word audible? Have you any idea how people frequently use this expression in daily life conversation? To know all about this expression, you need to stay here and read this article.

Audible Definition

The audible definition is something you can hear easily. A sound that is easy to hear by the ear is known as an audible sound. However, it depends on the frequency of the sound. Human ears can hear only a certain frequency of sounds, while animals such as bats and dogs can hear higher frequencies. So, we can say they certain frequencies are audible for humans while certain frequencies are inaudible.

Explanation Of The Definition

The audible is a voice that is loud enough to be heard. For instance, an announcement on playing radio that stretches each classroom in the institute is audible. Similarly, a flawlessly functioning microphone is an example of an audible.

Use In Sentences

  • His voice is audible.
  • Your shout was audible in the silence.
  • He gave an audible sigh of relief.
  • You are barely audible to the crowd. Please speak aloud.
  • The sounds of the bats are not audible to humans.

Synonyms And Antonyms Of This Word

Now we will write some synonyms and antonyms of the audible definition. After reading them, your understanding of this word will be clearer. Synonyms of the audible are detectable, recognizable, clear, perceptible, discernible, and loud. In comparison, its antonyms are inaudible, faint, slow, unclear, and hard to hear.

Elixir Definition

Elixir definition is very clear and obvious. It is a sweet liquid substance suitable for various purposes. This liquid portion also uses in the medical field to cure diseases and illnesses. In addition, this is mostly useful orally for the prevention of certain diseases. So, we can say that it is a substance essential for pharmaceutical applications.

Other Definitions

Irrespective of the medical use, the elixir also has many other purposes. Moreover, this substance is suitable to change any base metal such as iron or steel into gold. So, its definition can be a medical or magical portion that can treat all diseases and give eternal life to someone. Some people believe that after taking this magical liquid, someone can live eternal life. However, in reality, this type of portion does not exist.

Examples Of Sentences

  • An elixir is a staff of life.
  • Do you want to taste the magic elixir of life?
  • There is not the real elixir of life in this world.

So, we can say that various people use this word in various contexts. For instance, nutritionists say that there is no magical elixir of fat loss. It means that one has to work hard for losing fat because no magic can reduce fat. Hence, from the above elixir definition and examples, it is clear that this word does represent a magical portion that does not exist in reality.

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