Attracting Local Customers To Your Restaurant: 6 Marketing Tips

Digital Marketing

Eating out can be one of the most enjoyable experiences; after all, there’s nothing like sitting down to a good meal and great company with friends or family. But getting local customers to come in and enjoy your restaurant can be difficult. Especially if you are just starting out or if your location isn’t very desirable in the first place. That said, there are some marketing tips and tricks that you can use to get people through your doors—and keep them coming back! Here are six restaurant marketing tips to attract local customers.

Marketing 1 – Website

The easiest and most effective way to market your restaurant is through your website. Good restaurant websites are clean, professional, fast loading, easy to navigate, and reflect well on your business. All you need is a good grasp of HTML language (or access to someone who has it) and an understanding of your customer base. If you are not able to build a website like that, you can choose a restaurant website design company. Provide a place for customers to post comments or recommendations online—you can even offer incentives like free meals or discounts on products in exchange for their thoughts. If you make it easy for people who’ve been there to talk about how they feel, customers will be more likely view your business positively!

Marketing 2 – Social Media

If you run a restaurant and aren’t using social media, it’s time to wake up and smell your marketing opportunities. Social media is full of potential customers looking for restaurants like yours. Here are some things you can do to get them in your door:

  1. Monitor people talking about food on social media sites, including Twitter, Yelp and others
  2. Share information about new menu items, events and specials with followers
  3. Post pictures of your food at regular intervals
  4. Get high-quality photos taken of your staff
  5. Use coupons when appropriate
  6. Reply promptly to comments or questions
  7. Start contests
  8. Don’t overdo it.

Marketing 3 – Display Tables

Display tables are good for local business owners because they allow people who may not know your restaurant or it’s concept, a way to see what you serve. The display table also provides an opportunity for you to be creative and try something new. In order for customers to take notice of your unique display, try changing out your tablecloth and place mats every other week. This creates a sense of excitement about your establishment that could attract potential customers from around town.

Marketing 4 – Use Point of Sale Materials Effectively

Regardless of how great your restaurant is, people will not come if they do not know about it. Use Point of Sale Materials Effectively. Ideally, you should have some standard marketing materials that you can use in many different situations. In particular, these materials should be able to be set up on a stand next to your front door so people who are walking by can easily see them when entering or exiting your establishment. In general, these materials should contain: Pictures/Images of food available for purchase at your location. A brief description (using as few words as possible) of what sets your establishment apart from other restaurants in town A brief description of who works there and how long you’ve been open.

Marketing 5 – Be Mobile Friendly

In today’s competitive restaurant market, you can’t afford to disregard mobile users. Mobile-friendly sites are now standard for restaurant owners—if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you could be losing potential customers! Only 30% of internet users prefer desktop sites over smartphone/tablet websites, meaning more than 70% of them will simply click away if they see your site is not optimized for mobile devices. Be sure to check out our guide on Creating a Mobile Friendly Site here and think about how better targeting via location would help drive up sales too!

Marketing 6 – Advertising

For many restaurants, advertising is among their most important expenses. Good advertising is essential for businesses seeking a mass audience. But when it comes to targeting a local market, traditional methods may not be as effective. Here are six ways you can effectively advertise locally that will put your business in front of people who want to find you. To learn more about marketing techniques, read our eBook How To Market Your Business Through Social Media.