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Are You Worried About Private Job And Career issues? Know Here

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As we all know, India is the second-largest populated country. This is still a developing country. Here thousands and even more educated people who are still unemployed. Getting a suitable private job or govt for yourself or your children in this growing nation has become a challenging task. If among everything you can acquire comprehensive information regarding your assignments? in which fields you will accomplish yourself? This can be a better option for you. As somewhere, we all know this problem of employment will grow but never lessen. 

With the help of career astrology experts, you may learn about different career opportunities that your Kundli has for you. You can learn about other career options that you can opt for. But you can also know which fields you will be able to pursue your dreams the most. It is all about the science of this astrology that people have got the best benefits from it. Even if your Kundli is having some problems regarding your career? you can also get the required remedies through experienced astrologers. You can also know if you have a private job or government job in your Kundli through the experts.

Know more about the government or private job opportunities 

Here is what you have to know to understand planetary conventions:

  • Generally, the 4th house in the Kundli indicates the higher secondary education or career options. But in short, you may mean engineering, medical and management kinds of stuff.
  • The 10th house in your Kundli indicates your profession and in the field which will be best suitable for you. 
  • You can predict which job you can take for this future prediction service which is all made for your benefits and promise to provide you with the best output.
  • There are many job categories, be it private or government jobs. 
  • There is a misconception regarding the benefits of a government job which is not found in private jobs.
  • Many private jobs in India provide you better benefits even than government jobs. They provide a perfect balance between work life and personal life.
  • It is utterly absurd that private jobs are so hectic. That is hard to balance work and home life. 
  • In short, the help of proper guidance of the astrologers! who have gained excellence in this field will help you get your dream jobs. 
  • The presence of different planets in the two auspicious houses of your horoscope is essential. This especially affects your job or career concerns.
  • In the Kundli system, each house has also been assigned a particular field that helps predict the characteristics or procedure of the native’s life and lifestyle.

Details into the astrology of getting a private job

The role of the planets comes in as:

  • In the Kundli system, planets starting from Mercury and Saturn are allocated a particular house in the Kundli. In their respective places, they are known as Graha adhipathi.
  • According to the date and time of your birth! the position of the planets mentioned above in houses of the Kundli becomes permanent throughout the life cycle of the native.
  • Along with these planets, celestial bodies like the sun and moon are also included as planets in Kundli. They greatly influence our life and living style. 
  • Apart from these, there are two nodes in which the sun’s orbit and moon’s orbit. In which the earth becomes the pivot point intersect at two points known as Rahu and Ketu, respectively. 
  • These two planets are considered planets that either has a retrograde or negative impact on your Kundli. 
  • Also, if, fortunately, the planets in your houses of Kundli are present in their supposedly strong-owned houses? then they have a substantial impact on your respective fields.
  • The presence of such a scenario in either of your 4th or 10th houses may cause problems! Even be beneficial for you depending upon the conditions applied.
  • With the help of various private job predictions, you can know if you have any problems in any of your houses mentioned above and get the required remedies for it.
  • Now, you can remove the misconception regarding the problems in private jobs by consulting your astrology experts. 
  • In astrology science, each planet has been assigned various properties which make them identical from each other. 
  • They also convey in which particular job field you are destined to.

Choose the right career field of private jobs through astrology

With the help of astrology you can understand that:

  • Everything related to your career or profession in your life can be predicted through astrology. It is just by studying the planet position in your 10th house. 
  • The 10th house in your Kundli denotes profession in your life. Basically in which field you will pursue in your later life. 
  • Private jobs that don’t suit you may cause problems in your profession as the planetary conditions prevailing in your 10th house of the Kundli may harm your life.
  • In most cases, if the wrong profession is chosen, it will cause mental dissatisfaction or induce frequent transfers of jobs. 
  • Generally, the two most potent mantras can also help get a stable job life. Those are Gayatri Mantra and Maha Mrutyunjay Mantra often to get the positive effects of the planets and god’s grace. 
  • Planets like Venus in the professional house open job opportunities in creative lines like those of writing and other creative skills.
  • The presence of planets like Mars in your 10th house indicates! that you are going to pursue your profession in the field of mining, geology, and all earth-related professions.
  • Presence of planets like mercury, whose strong influences make you pursue your profession. In these fields like computers, electronics, and related give best career opportunities.

Are you depressed about frequent transit or private jobs? Here are the remedies

Some of the remedies to private job problems are:

  • Various factors are responsible for job loss or transit in jobs.
  • Planets like Saturn and Jupiter are primarily responsible for service-related issues.
  • Secondary planets like the sun, mars, and mercury also cause an impact on the career or job fields.
  • If you tend to transit from one private job to another, it may be the malefic transit of planets that primarily harms job careers or private job fields.
  • Every moment the planet tends to change its position in your Kundli. This period is known as mahadasha in Hindu astrology. 
  • Various mahadasha also cause a positive impact on a native’s life, and others cause a negative impact.
  • Rahu and Ketu are those planets that behave like parasites. They take the properties of those planets in either whose house they are. Along with this which planet in the house, they are with.
  • Among all planets, Jupiter is considered one of the most auspicious planets. It mainly causes a positive impact upon native life and career opportunities.
  • Also, certain houses in the Kundli are considered auspicious, no matter which planet resides there. It will cause only a positive impact on the person’s life. 
  • The presence of planets like Saturn, Ketu, or Rahu in the 10th house primarily causes problems in professional life. It results in transit job or job loss or job discontent.


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