An Instagram Content Plan for Service-Based Businesses

An Instagram Content Plan for Service-Based Businesses


In this article , you’ll learn how to organize and design Instagram posts that will help business with a service to establish a strong image. An Instagram Content Plan for Service-Based Businesses by FollowersBucket for Fornewz.

#1: Outline Your Content Mix

Social media marketing for businesses that provide services is focused on making connections. It is important to be able to give value, and share your brand’s story with a style that entices people who can relate to you, believe in your brand, and desire to deal with you.


In order to achieve these objectives, tell a story using each 9 squares in the Instagram feed. One good guideline to follow when planning content is to follow the 4:3:2 rule:


  • Four posts are expected to be of value and assist your ideal customer.
  • Three posts are enough to make relationships with your ideal customer.
  • Two posts must advertise or market your service.

This mix of content helps you build a solid relationship with your fans and lets them be acquainted with you instead of just pushing your products at them.


Service-oriented businesses must be creative when putting ideas together for these broad Instagram topics for content. Here’s how to organize your posts, put together high-quality images, and create engaging captions.


#2: Plan Four Posts That Provide Value

To add value, these content should entertain, educate or inform your readers. If you’re in a service-oriented business which sells your expertise give tips to assist your customers with their issues. Don’t be afraid to share the best advice you have or your specialized expertise in the hopes that it might damage your business. Individuals will require more context to their unique situation this is the best place to find your business’s opportunities.


In sharing helpful tips to your followers, you’ll make yourself expert within your subject so that when your followers require the same service then you’re the best choice. To make them much sure about your service, you’ve to get more followers on your business page.


Platform for investing Ellevest is one company which does this successfully. They frequently upload short videos which provide investors with information on most frequently asked questions regarding investments they get.


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Entertain With Humor


If it’s in line with your brand, you can entertain your customers by adding humor to your content. This approach can be extremely efficient for companies that would otherwise be thought to be boring and don’t possess a distinct visual aspect to their content.

Inspire With Quotes


There’s a reason why businesses share inspirational quotes on Instagram that they are effective. This is linked to the psychology that drives the reasons people purchase.


If a prospective client arrives at your business with an immediate requirement (such like business coach, social media or a legal contract) It usually originates from a desire or fear.


When you’re working as a virtual assistant for example, the client’s first requirement is outsourcing some of their administrative tasks. But, if they look deeper, they want to being able to spend more time on, instead of the business. What will that free time bring them? Perhaps the chance to create an empire, and then be financially stable and also have more time to spend with their children.


Writing inspirational quotes that speak to the present would be a very effective plan for this type of business. Quotes that inspire have the additional advantage of being extremely shareable which means you can reach more people and build your business’s reputation.


One service-oriented business that does this effectively via Instagram is called the League of Extraordinary Women. A group of networking for early-stage women entrepreneurs. They’ve boosted the size of their Instagram account to over 100K followers thanks to inspirational content that aligns with the goals of their followers.


#3: Plan Three Posts That Connect With Your Audience

Three posts on your Instagram content plan will make it easier for your viewers to connect with your service-oriented business and show your personality as a brand. Here are an example of how to achieve this.


Showcase Company Culture


What is it that makes your company tick? What’s your culture? What’s going on behind-the-scenes which could help people connect to your company? The ability to document your company’s culture will allow you to add life to the content of your Instagram account and make the connection you want to make to your ideal customer.


For example, Hootsuite’s Instagram account frequently provide behind-the-scenes glimpses of the experience working for the company..


This is an excellent strategy for those working in an sector that’s sensitive (say funeral services) because you’re able to concentrate on your employees and the priorities other than day-to-day.


Tell a Story


Digital storytelling lets your company to show its personality. How does it work? If you’re in the finance industry, for example, you can share stories about your clients that you are enthusiastic about working with, the reason you’re doing what you’re doing and so on.


Just Digital People is a company that recruits digitally is a creative company that tells stories about their employees and the experiences of their team members who recruit as a means of expressing their distinctive brand identity.


#4: Plan Two Posts That Sell Your Service

Two posts within the content you post on Instagram could be specifically devoted to promotion. Why only two? Because Instagram isn’t really a sales platform by nature. It’s a branding platform especially for service-based businesses, it’s essential to build a rapport prior to making the sale.


TruGreen’s Instagram posts frequently bring value and build connections. This earns TruGreen the right to advertise their services to a wider audience occasionally.

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