All Information About How To Create A Book Trailer?


Creating a book trailer is much easier than you can imagine. In this article, I will give you the necessary tips and tools about how to create a book trailer.

What is a book trailer?

For short, a book trailer is a short video to promote a book. The same thing as that is done in the cinema. Most of us watch some movie trailers, and a good trailer video will get you more audience. I made a book trailer for my client last week with a tool to talk about it later. It got thousands of views. So a book trailer is a visual fragment that hooks the viewer and leads him to read your book.

What is a book trailer for?

As I have said, it serves to promote a literary work, but more specifically, to do so through: Social networks, without economic cost, with the help of virtualization. Through paid advertising, social networks and other media, through paid advertising (much less expensive in digital media than we think). Therefore, you should treat it as an advertisement and not as a simple presentation of your book, but an ad with unique characteristics.

How should your book trailer be?

First, you have to think about who your book is aimed at the potential reader of it. That person who is going to have a particular interest in reading it. And also in the strengths of your work. Who will be interested and why. Based on the answer to these two questions, you should write the script for your book trailer to attract their attention and feel the need to read your book. Make a short video (if you have not attracted attention in the first 5 seconds, you may no longer have anything to do) and generate impact. Get to the point, and don’t just present the cover of your book. Creates a need for reading.

How to make a book trailer?

To make a book trailer, you will need these resources:

Images and videos

Although there are several images and video banks on the web, I recommend Pixabay. In it, you will find thousands of free and royalty-free multimedia elements. Of course, I recommend you register to download the images with the highest possible resolution. You have to use your search engine. As for the videos, you can, for example, use natural elements (such as fire, a sunrise, a storm) or from everyday life (such as trips on the subway). Let your imagination fly.


Background music is necessary, but it should help us generate those emotions that we seek. And, of course, some platforms make royalty-free music available to us. Youtube is an example; In its study tools, it makes a good selection of songs available for free, but my recommendation is that you download the music tracks to work with them. Here are three exciting music banks.


Classical music with different types of Creative Commons license. The classics are always a great option, especially for romantic and epic videos.


Music of all kinds with three types of licenses, the first of which allows you to use the song under it for commercial purposes only with the obligation to include the mention of the author in the credits.


You won’t find music here, but you will find something just as important: sounds. Add blows, noises, applause, cries and much more to your videos.


If your video includes text (something highly recommended in most cases), use Google Fonts to include striking fonts. I’ll explain how to do it with Google Fonts, hundreds of fonts for your books and documents.

Video editor

And, of course, you will need a good video editor. Although there are several options at zero cost, I recommend FlexClip Free Video Editor. It is one of the few that is web browser-based with many stunning book trailer templates, which will allow you to superimpose text, images, etc., videos and sounds. I assure you that with this tool, you can create a professional book trailer.

How to create a book trailer (or a part of it) with PowerPoint?

If you prefer a more straightforward option, you can create a presentation with PowerPoint, combining different elements and playing with the effects and transitions (and adjusting the duration of the same) that the program makes available to us. Then save it as MPEG-4 video. And remember that you can add audio and video files to your presentations.

At Last

So after reading my tips and guides about making a book trailer, do you have any ideas for your book already? Now that you also have the tools I recommend, so go ahead and create a great book trailer for your book. And don’t forget to share anything you want in the comments.

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