Advanced Solutions To Split Outlook PST Files


Outlook PST files store mailbox items such as messages, calendar events, and contacts. As you add messages, contacts, and calendar events over time, the file becomes too large. Very large PST files can become corrupted. Corrupted PST files can lead to mailbox crashes.

Additionally, large PST files cannot store new mail items and can cause synchronization problems.

Therefore, it is important to prevent PST files from growing too large. One way to do this is to split the file into smaller parts.


Let’s split PST files by different criteria. However, a yearly breakdown would be ideal so you can easily see when each item arrived. This post will show you how to split Outlook PST files yearly.

Very large PST files put your Outlook mail at risk. Specifically, the PST file may be corrupte and cannot be opene if it exceeds 10 GB. Corrupted PST files can unblock or crash mailboxes.

Also, large PST files cannot store new emails and may result in file loss. It can also lead to sync issues and lost emails.

What is data archiving in MS Outlook?

Archiving emails in MS Outlook is the best way to make room for new emails. If your mailbox is cluttered, Microsoft Outlook will become inactive and you will not be able to get through your e-mail. To avoid all these dreaded problems, you should archive your emails. Common problems caused by PST files are not hidden from professional MS Outlook users. Amazingly, newer versions of Microsoft Outlook minimize problems caused by the size of database files. Nevertheless, users have run into problems while using a large amount of Outlook PST files in MS Outlook. Huge files are often the cause of database corruption.

How to enable auto-split in the new version of MS Outlook 2016?

Let us have a look at the splitting of the PST files using the MS Outlook email client. Let us have a look at these steps:

  • First, open Microsoft Outlook and launch File Options.
  • Then go to Advanced Settings and click Auto Archive Settings.
  • Then select the Run automatic archive within days check box, enter the desired date or duration (whatever you want to archive PST files for) in this column, and click OK. To do.
  • When auto-archiving is enabled, emails will be archived according to the specified settings.

These are the steps for splitting the PST files manually. Moreover, users do faces many limitations while following the splitting of the PST files.

Manual tract for the splitting of emails in MS Outlook 2016

On rare occasions, it may be necessary to manually archive emails in Outlook 2016. Then follow the given steps.

  • First, open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Click Access File, Info, then Cleanup Tools, and then select the Archive button.
  • Then select all the folders you want to archive.
  • Next, enter the date when the item will be archived in two ways to fix or prevent the problem.
  • The first step is done above and the second step is to use engineering tools.

The PST Split Tool

The splitting of the PST files can be conveniently done while using the Softaken Split PST Application. A user can follow the split PST procedure reliable. The application is an advanced solution for the splitting of PST files. No hurdle is face by a user while following the splitting task. The files are kept as it is. Any chances of data loss or data corruption are not faced by a user while following the splitting task. With great accuracy, the splitting task is complete by the tool. To maintain the integrity of the files the PST files are split. The app also provides many advance features that help every user for easy split the Outlook PST files. The steps of splitting the PST files are done conveniently, let us have a look at these step of splitting:

  • Download this Split PST app to your app
  • Install the app
  • Select the file you want to access
  • Preview the files


  • Select the option you want or want to remove the password or reset it.
  • Finally, click the “process” button.

These are the steps for easy splitting of the PST files.

Why one should use this Split PST App?

A user must select the Split PST tool, let us have a look at them:

  • Split Outlook PST files easily and quickly
  • Support split PST files
  • Allow split PST files as needed
  • No limit to splitting large PST files
  • Want bulky PST files can be divide into quantities

Some features of the Split PST tool

Here are some of the features that are provided for easy splitting of the PST files. Let us have a look at these features:

  • Accurate result- In this advanced app, an accurate result is provided to the users. The app maintains the integrity of the files. As it result is given to every single user. A healthy result is provided to the users every single time. No error or data loss is there while following the splitting task.
  • Instant result- This advanced Split PST tool provides an instant result without any hurdles. In just a few steps the result is provided to the users.
  • No restriction- A user can split any size and any number of PST files without any error as there is no kind of size restrictions while following the splitting of PST files.
  • No need for Outlook- A user does not need to install the MS Outlook email client. This advanced app is an independent tool user can easily follow. No hurdle is face by a user while following the split task.


The blog provides information about the splitting task. A user can easily split their PST files using the Split PST tool. We also have provided the manual as well as a professional method for the splitting task.