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Maths is a notoriously challenging subject for many students. The BBC reports that 93% of adults in the United States have some form of “math-phobia,” a fact that underscores our unusual relationship with the discipline. While most students find school stressful, maths is particularly well-known in western cultures for being anxiety-inducing for students, with significantly higher rates of math anxiety prevalent in female students. However, maths is fundamentally process-focused and diligently follows strict set rules. With proper guidance, such as from an A-level online maths tutor, anyone can conquer this mental barrier and reduce their levels of stress in the classroom. 

Is it Normal to Struggle in Maths Class?

While some people enjoy the logical nature and internal consistency of math, others find it to be a punishing process, and actively take steps to avoid it. While anxiety sparked by a maths test is a widespread phenomenon, the anxiety itself can impact your ability to successfully solve problems. Fortunately maths isn’t something you’re born with the ability to do or not (a harmful myth which contributes to our “math-phobia”) Some colleges offer specific classes just to combat this particular anxiety. If you find yourself paralyzed by the idea of taking your A-level maths test, Eurekly’s private, online tutors can help you begin to conquer your fears.

Why Are Private Online Tutors the Best Option? 

If you’re struggling with maths, you might wind up feeling like you’re falling behind. There’s nothing wrong with needing a little extra help outside of the classroom. Extracurricular support can help you feel confident in your mathematical abilities. A private online tutor can provide monthly, weekly, or even daily support—whatever you need!

Online tutoring is not your only option, but it provides a series of advantages that should be considered when making your choice. If you’re suffering from anxiety around maths, you may feel uncomfortable in an in person setting or in speaking up to get the assistance you need. Online, one-on-one tutoring is a private, supportive environment in which you can ask the questions free of judgment. It’s also significantly cheaper than hiring an in person tutor, and much more reliable than a student peer. 

What Should I Look For in an A-Level Maths Tutor? 

Finding the tutor that fits your personality and learning style is a key component to achieving proficiency in mathematics. Some people need a tutor that will take the initiative when it comes to structuring lessons and setting a pace. Others want to feel in control of that dynamic themselves. Some may enjoy tutors that supplement their lessons with maths related games, while others want a more traditional learning experience. Regardless, an ideal A-level maths tutors will specialize in the type of mathematics most relevant to you, be it discrete mathematics, trigonometry, calculus, or geometry. You’ll guarantee that you’re getting the insider tips on how to best tackle these problems. An A-level tutor can help reinforce strong fundamentals, remove bad habits, and build confidence so you can excel. A-level maths tutors are accustomed to dealing with maths anxiety in students and will have experience in helping you overcome this specifically.

On platforms like Eurekly, you’ll be able to select a tutor that fits your price range, availability, and your busy schedule. By selecting the right A-level maths tutor for you, you’ll realize that private tutors are no longer only an option for your wealthier classmates. By employing an A-level maths tutor at Eurekly.com you can make learning fun again, which NPR reports is an integral component for student success.

Where Can I Find the Best Maths Tutors?

Private online tutors are accessible for almost any student in the world with access to a computer and an internet connection. Eurekly.com provides you with hundreds of A-level tutors to select from, which you can filter by expertise, price, and availability to name a few. Not only can you choose from thousands of tutors on Eurekly, but many of these tutors offer a free trial period so both student and teacher can make sure their needs and abilities are compatible. Private online learning is affordable, accessible, and flexible above all—prospective students are be able to structure tutoring sessions to their needs without the pressure to move on before they’ve fully grasped the amterial. Each tutor is a certified professional, verified by Eurekly, and come from all different professional backgrounds so you can find the subject you need help with. When you’re ready to get started, visit Eurekly’s tutors here!

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