A Comprehensive Guide To Enhance Your Team’s Sales Productivity


Improving sales productivity is a top priority for any company. More or less every business struggles with sales productivity, and the pressure to reach or exceed ever-increasing revenue targets only exacerbates the problem. Companies are expanding their sales teams and chasing more competitive sales targets, but they often lack upgrading their methods, software solutions, or even sales tools at the same time.

As a result, year after year, performance declines.

What if there were some fast and easy approaches for companies to boost their sales productivity without burning a whole in the pocket which could make you aware of the factors that influence sales productivity.

Sales productivity is a process of increasing the time spent on communication with a prospect or customer interaction while reducing the resources at the same time. communication, the interaction between prospect and customer are essential sales rep tasks. getting the best sales results while spending the least amount of resources is called sales productivity. Moreover, It is the rate at which your sales reps meet their sales goals. The faster a sales representative meets their sales target, the greater their sales productivity.

Sales productivity is a term that has evolved into a catch-all for expressing Sales effectiveness. It can be measured using the below formula.

Sales productivity = efficiency x effectiveness

Sales efficiency can be defined as an efficient way of distributing and usage of resources. The sales effectiveness on the other hand is the ability of the sales team to utilize the resources to make an effective sale. Efficiency is all about generating as many opportunities as possible, but effectiveness refers to how well a team makes use of those opportunities.

Here are the 5 techniques below to help your sales team conquer productivity issues, improve sales effectiveness, and increase revenue acquisition.

Prioritize ongoing sales coaching

The sales environment world is always changing, and the purchasing process is becoming more complicated. Your sales reps need to be taught on the selling space, customer personas, and products, and they need to be kept up to date when this information changes. Sales coaching has been shown to boost sales productivity by 88%.

Sales coaching is a fantastic way to help your sales team grow. It’s not about micromanaging salespeople or denouncing their methods and results. Rather, it’s about coming up with practical ideas and ways to assist your salespeople in prioritizing and successfully allocating their time and resources, to allow your team to grow professionally and achieve the revenue goals.

Analyze and re-examine sales methods.

A sales process that is inefficient and ineffective can cost a company millions of dollars in depleted revenue every year. Similarly, companies that follow a specified workflow are 35 % more likely to be high performers. However, before you can implement a new process, you must first figure out what works and what doesn’t (SWOT) analysis in your current approach. Are there any specific aspects where you can still improve? Every stage of the sales process should be planned, relevant to the objectives, and bring value to your day. Try to ensure that every sales method chosen ties back to your goals.

Role of technology in automation

Simplifying workflow and reducing superfluous or unnecessary procedures are frequently the keys to increased sales productivity. The simplest way to do this is to use automation. Give your salespeople the tools they need to achieve their goals. Technology has transformed sales in a better direction, paving the way for new sales methods and increased efficiency across the firm. Sales tools assist salespeople by revealing key templates, scripts, data, and information when and where they are needed. The opportunities are unlimited once you get into automation. The most important thing to keep in mind is that simplification always triumphs. Small mistakes are more likely to result in downtime and lost productivity.

Use analytics to improve

Analytics are crucial for guiding business strategy and facilitating informed decision-making. Companies who use sales analytics and sales insights achieve team quotas 4x faster than those who don’t. As B2B organizations become more data-driven, they notice shifts in productivity and how they interact with prospects, allowing them to have a bigger impact on the bottom line. Evaluate which metrics, such as call rate, win rate, sales cycle length, pipeline conversion rate, and an average number of touches, are most relevant. These insights and analytics are provided by sales enablement technologies.

Still, wondering how to improve sales productivity? Offer your sales force the tools they need to execute their jobs quickly and efficiently. Simple!

Best sales enablement tools, like Mindtickle, strive to match business strategies and goals by arming sales teams with the tools and material they need to increase sales execution and drive revenue. By definition, sales enablement empowers and enables sales representatives to function more efficiently. And keep in mind that a more effective sales staff = better revenue!

Why Mindtickle?

Improving the efficacy of sales is a slightly more difficult task. It necessitates that employees upgrade or learn new abilities, which can be time taking and stressful. Utilizing adaptive learning and automatic training courses, MindTickle is the only sales productivity software that improves time to productivity, reinforces skills, and boosts win rates.

Because they don’t track productivity increases and achievements regularly, many businesses don’t continuously improve sales productivity. Decide which indicators, such as call rate, winning percentage, sales cycle length, pipeline profit margin. And an average number of interactions, are the most vital.

Through a customized sales onboarding process, new hires’ capabilities are examined and weaknesses are detected from day one. Reps participate in continual learning with Spaced Reinforcements, which provides easy-to-consume updates frequently. As well as gamified content to keep them engaged and minimize knowledge loss.

MindTickle provides sales managers with tools and checklists to help them understand. And close knowledge and skill gaps, resulting in increased productivity. These steps will set you on the road to having a high-performing sales staff. Sales training programs from MindTickle can help you outsell your competitors.

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