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Is the water from the kitchen tap hot enough to boil the eggs, or does it just dry the Caesar salad lettuce? Are you at risk of overheating when you visit Death Valley where you call your garage? Your room is so hot, why isn’t your roof burning?

Insulation Service in Pakistan are worried about how to freeze their homes without turning on the air conditioner too often. Everyone is looking for a magic device to reduce the heat in the room. Doing so will reduce your usage bills and increase your comfort level. Many of these plans include more insulation plans. But before you spend, here’s a look at what works and what doesn’t.

Does just adding insulation to the attic cool the house?

If you build an old house before the insulation standards have improved, you probably will. I strongly recommend Insulation Service in Pakistan, climb the ladder and put your head in the room to know what’s going on. All you have to look for is a continuous insulation layer where the wood is not visible. If you have a lot of wood, you don’t have enough insulation.

In general, if you have installed insulation for more than 20 years, it may be less effective. If your home is built before 1984, it will definitely need more insulation. However, new homes in Insulation Service in Pakistan, while new homes in Lahore, Karachi and Mardan typically have R-60 attic insulation due to the cold winter. Contains content. It measures the R values ​​of how effectively the insulation resists heat flow to the cold space below. Also, the proposed values ​​are from the Building Standards Act and the Pak Department of Energy.

Therefore, if someone tries to sell R-38 or higher insulation for your home in the desert, the investment rate will be lower. More room or crawl space insulation saves you money on electricity bills. If you think you need more insulation, talk to a reputable specialist. You can also search your entire home energy to find problems with plumbing and air permeability.

Does the light barrier insulation in the room help keep my house cool?

It may help to cool the house, but it may not be. However, the obvious obstacle is the hard way to go. Most of us have insulation in the room, including mineral wool, cellulose, urethane foam or similar products. Insulation slows the passage of hot air into the air chamber. Kimmco insulation uses reflective material (often foil) to prevent heat from entering the attic through the roof.

When installed correctly, light barriers are useful in attics with very low insulation. But for homeowners who already have room R-30 to R-38 insulation, that doesn’t help much. Most estimates for installing a radiant barrier amount to thousands of rupees. This means that Insulation Service in Pakistan will take decades to pay off for themselves. Is it useful to have insulation in the room? White shingles including ventilator with ventilator

These are all expensive and have little benefit. The theory is that installing multiple products that do the same thing is better than doing one. Ads that promote this combo method will lower your AC rates, but that’s the reality. Depending on what is in your room the cost of the air conditioner is less than 15 percent. All you really need is a well-designed and well-insulated passive ventilation system.

Will insulating garage walls cool the house and garage?

Yes, that helps protect the walls of the garage. But it may not be cheap. A major problem with garages is that concrete floors absorb unbearable heat. Another issue: Turn the engine to 400 degrees and put the car in the garage regularly. The hot weather always passes. Also your non-insulated garage door.

You can install an exhaust fan. But it works like crazy burning in kW. It doesn’t work. You can open the garage door at 2pm when the temperature drops. It helps, but snakes and other animals can visit. The only way to cool a garage is to use a heater or air conditioner. Do you really want to pay?

Is foam useful if you have concrete block walls?

This can greatly improve the heating and cooling system. This is because most of the old houses built from these blocks are not fully insulated. Insulation Service in Pakistan can improve the R value of concrete block walls by up to 5 times. Typically, houses can be converted from R-2 or R-3 to R-11. Kimmco insulation Pakistan can make a big difference even in older construction houses with little or no insulation. If the wall does not appear to be properly insulated. You should be evaluated by a specialist. R-13 to R-19 are usually targets for your wall. Use foam or other products

Will my house get cold if I paint it with elastomeric paint?

Yes, rubber or ceramic outer coverings can reflect sunlight and protect the house from heat. But it is not a good choice. Using this type of paint can cost three times more than a good quality 100% acrylic paint.

Later repairs can also be expensive. You cannot change this color as you would like a normal color. Instead, you need to paint the entire wall. Some painters also say that elastomeric paints act like raincoats. This makes it difficult for water to enter or pass through the surface of the house. Closed moisture can eventually cause mold. Don’t rely on paint to protect your home. Blood etiquette and siding insulation are very effective ways to add insulation to your old home.

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