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A Complete Guide to Electrical Installation Condition Reports

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Easily guarantees easy and seamless operation of home electrical circuits, appliances, electrical equipment and electrical appliances by Electrical Installation Condition Report. However, like most aspects of our home, all parts are subject to wear and tear after years of continuous use.

What is the risk?

Electrical wires, clips, or damaged equipment can pose a serious fire hazard. Electrical Installation Condition Report is the first to estimate that electricity causes more than 20,000 unintentional fires in UK homes each year. Beyond the real risk of injury or death. These fires damage more than 100 100 million worth of property each year. Even new equipment and newly install electrical installations can present a fire hazard. If the device is faulty or install incorrectly

UK Electronic Safety Certificate

Fortunately, homeowners in the UK can relax their minds by hiring a qualified local electrical worker to conduct an audit and complete the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). UK electronic certification must be complete every 5 to 10 years. However, you may need to do this more often. Electronic safety inspections.

This article identifies everything you need to know about an EICR certificate, from the cost of the EICR report to the processing. And how to choose the electronic to perform EICR?

We will consider:

  • The cost of EICR
  • Overview of EICR operations
  • Why is EICR available?
  • EICR for homeowners
  • How to choose electronics to perform EICR
  • The cost of the EICR certificate
  • Can any electronics do EICR? Can I do my own EICR?
  • EICR should only be perform by a local electrician.

“If you have the opportunity, you can do your own electronic work,” said the UK Health and Safety Agency. However, the fact is that only certified and experience electricians have the skill level to perform Electrical Installation Condition Report without you being a qualified electrician. You do not need to perform EICR manually.

How much does EICR UK cost?

The only important factor in determining the cost of an Electrical Installation Condition Report is the size of your home. Because your home appliances are large, sockets and electrical circuits just need a lot of testing.

Other factors that determine the cost of EICR

The costs list above are typical. In addition to the size of the home, there are other factors that can determine the final price you pay for a power installation report:

  1. Wire life. Old wires or house with old and new wires. Confirmation may take longer. Simply because it takes a lot of time to identify and test different circuits and wires. Use in different parts of the house
  2. Number of devices and circuits. Some electronics may check the number of circuits and devices on a regular basis. But there are additional fees for additional testing. If you have a large home with lots of equipment, check with your electrician to see what is on offer. In general you should check circuits, sockets, fixtures. And all electrical appliances but usually electronics check the sample selection.
  3. Differences by region – such as general business prices and cost of living. The EICR Cost in London or the Southeast is usually higher than in other parts of the country.

What is included in the EICR test?

During the EICR test, electrical users inspect home user units (fuse boxes), electrical circuits, protective connections, accessories, plug sockets, luminaires and other devices. The inspection detects and records hazards such as equipment failure, electrical connection failure, and excessive circuit loads.

They record their findings in the following report. For each check element, the report labels its position into four categories: “Risk”, “Potentially Dangerous”, “Improve Recommendation”, or “Needs Further Investigation Without Delay”.

How long does EICR take?

The electrician takes about 3-4 hours to perform the Electrical Installation Condition Report. However, this can take a long time, depending on the complexity of the electrical circuit, the size of the housing, and the number of devices for testing.

What if the EICR problem is identified?

Regardless of your property, the wire in your home or the age of your equipment – EICR may cause problems with your electrical wiring, accessories or equipment. In such cases, it is advisable to hire a qualified electrician to carry out the repair work. Recognize issues are “suggestions for improvement”, but many issues can be more serious and dangerous if left un-resolve.

After checking the EICR, you need to perform the following tasks:

1. Replace fixtures and fittings

EICR may offer replacement of one or more individual fixtures (such as lighting fixtures and power sockets). Simple plug sockets are inexpensive to install and take less than 50 parts and effort. Lighting fixtures are similarly cheap in working conditions, but the total cost largely depends on the price of the new lighting fixtures you choose. You can change these units manually (see “Are you eligible?”). However, for safety reasons, many prefer to hire an electrician.

2. New user unit (fuse box)

You may be advise to switch to a consumer unit (commonly refer to as a “fuse box”) to safely operate electrical circuits in your home. Replacing a fuse box can cost from £ 350 to £ 600, depending on the number of circuits in the house (usually depending on the size of the house; the larger the house, the more circuits).

3. Home renovation

This great work is the most expensive solution that can be advise and maintain. As you can see in the UK Electrical Wiring Guide, some UK homes have old wires that can be broken, broken or insulate after many years of use.

Electrical cables are usually estimate to be 30 to 40 years old. However, if the wires throughout the house meet the old standards and show signs of August, you may need to renovate the house.

A complete home renovation costs about £ 2,000 for a one-bedroom flat to about ,500 6,500 for a five-bedroom home.

Do you need EICR for your assets?

It is recommend to run EICR at home every 5-10 years. However, there are many other reasons why you should choose this cheap electronic check more often. You Want To Sell Your Home – Homeowners Want To Sell Their Home Faster, Investing In Electrical Installation Condition Report Ensures Future Buyers Will Have No Electrical Failure In Their Home (So Be prepare To Reach The Question In Quantity And Close The Deal As Immediately) ).

Home and Property Insurance – Some insurers require a final Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) to check the condition of electrical circuits and equipment. They may look into it before providing coverage or justifying a claim relate to electric fires. You are a UK homeowner – Electronic inspection is an important part of your responsibility to your homeowner to keep your tenants safe (see below).

EICR for landowners: Is a homeowner’s electricity safety certificate a legal requirement?

Homeowners have an additional responsibility to ensure that their property is safe and livable for their tenants. This includes ensuring that the property conducts regular gas and electrical safety inspections. Bespoke Landowners do not have a Power Safety Certificate, but landowners can obtain one in the form of an Landlord Certificates.

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