9 Things To Know About The MI 40-Inch Smart TV


Televisions have greatly altered the way in which individuals entertain themselves. They allow for people to travel to a different world should they like. They also have the power to make them aware of the events shaping their world in the form of news.

With time, the kinds of televisions available in the market have changed. Smarter technology has allowed for smarter devices. Smart TVs are viable investments as they don’t just allow for individuals to passively consume media. They allow for a host of interactive opportunities.

Mi TV 4A

Mi’s 40-inch smart TV offers a wide range of features, which make it an attractive buy for those currently looking for a new TV. This television provides viewers with a quality viewing experience. That said, here are nine things you need to know about Mi’s40-inch LED TV.


This smart TV weighs 6.24 kilograms excluding the base, and 6.34kilograms including the base. Its height excluding the base amounts to 512 mm, and 583.2mm including the base. Its length is 904.99mm.

This LED TV comes with a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and offers wide viewing angles of 178°. The response time of this smart TV is 8.5ms.

Features of Relevance Include

The following points highlight what this Mi smart TV has to offer.

Full-HD Display

The Mi TV 4A features the perfect balance of contrast and brightness. Viewers are thus assured of authentic colour reproduction, and get to view content with brilliant clarity. Consumers can take advantage of pre-set video modes which are vivid, standard, movie, picture, and sports.

DTS-HD Audio

This smart TV comes equipped with DTS-HS support, which delivers dulcet room-filling sound. This complements the stunning visuals in perfect harmony.

Powerful 20W Speakers

Mi has gone above and beyond to ensure that the users enjoy an immersive aural experience. This smart TV has powerful speakers, which can fill a room with quality sound and enhance the entertainment experience. Pre-set sound modes include game, news, movie and standard. Users can also customize their audio parameters.

PatchWall Launcher

PatchWall serves as this smart TV’s alternate user interface. An AI-enabled TV system, it classifies content and makes personalized recommendations based on user preferences. This smart TV comes packed with a massive content catalogue. Users can navigate PatchWall with a horizontal scroll, and can make universal searches on it. Live news and kids channels can be accessed with ease.

Content Available

This smart TV comes with multiple content partners allowing for a vast library of media viewing opportunities. Additionally, there exists an extensive collection of 4K content that can be streamed by all members of the family. Content partners include but aren’t limited to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and Disney+ Hotstar.

Voice-Enabled Features

The Mi smart TV allows users to press a button and voice their queries, so that the TV can address them. Ordinarily, users can use this feature to search for their desired content and have it played. As an Android TV, users can take advantage of the Google Assistant it comes with.

Language Support

This smart TV supports 13 languages in total. They are English,Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Oriya, Telugu, Urdu, Kannada, Malayalam, Assamese, Gujrati and Marathi. The content is available in these languages, along with Bhojpuri and Rajasthani. Assamese content is limited.

Memory Provided

The 40 inch LED TV comes equipped with 1GB DDR RAM, and has storage amounting to 8GB eMMC.

Multiple Ports

The Mi TV 4A features a number of ports serving multiple purposes. It has 2 USB ports, 1 AV and RF port, an HDMI port with 3 openings and 1 LAN port. It also comes equipped with a single earphone out port which allows users to connect their wired earphones should they require.

This smart television allows for a superior viewing experience. When users purchase this TV, they are provided with a monitor, 2 base fixtures, a user manual, remote control and 4 screws. All users are required to do is then set the TV up. And connect it to the nearest Wi-Fi network. Internet connectivity is crucial, as it allows users to take full advantage of the PatchWall launcher.

Users can take advantage of the data saver feature when they use their phone’s hotspot instead of the home Wi-Fi. This conserves their data usage. Consumers can stream up to 3 times the usual video content on the same daily limit. Two additional features available under the data saver are the data counter and the ability to “view phone media” on the TV without using the data.

You can now purchase the 40-inch Mi TV by shopping at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Buy the model on easy EMIs, and repay the amount in convenient monthly instalments.

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