8 Must-Have Farming Equipment and Tools for Farms

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Modern-day farms utilize a wide assortment of farming equipment for the numerous activities and tasks they undertake regularly and yearly. Although farms tend to vary in land size or needs, farming equipment is just as versatile since they come in many different types for better suiting the farm and its conditions. Even if the equipment can vary and may appear intimidating or perplexing, understanding the fundamental and essential farm equipment and their different types can help greatly. Especially for those looking to buy the must-have farm equipment, this guide goes over the basic equipment needed for effectively and efficiently managing a farm of any size.



A tractor is essential and considered a staple piece of equipment to have on a farm. Given the many kinds of available tractors, picking out the most suitable tractors for carrying out tasks throughout the farm is important. Tractors have numerous uses on a farm and can be used for tasks like planting, harvesting, cultivating, fertilizing, and plowing crops.


Farm Truck

Regardless of whether the farm covers a large or small area of land, a farm truck proves to be a vital piece of farming equipment. Farm trucks are used for loading and unloading things on the farm, which provides an efficient and more convenient way of moving things or getting around the land much more easily. Also, farm trucks can double as a transport vehicle for making trips to the countryside and into town.



UTVs, or utility task vehicles, are extensively practical on a farm, especially since the terrain or conditions may not always be suitable for a farm truck or pickup truck. UTVs provide an efficient way of hauling materials and supplies or even just getting to and from places around the farm. In the long run, even a cheap utv for sale will prove to be an excellent investment since they offer much value and purpose on a farm. Additionally, UTVs are starting to come with attachments like manure spreaders and loading buckets, which make them even more versatile and handy.



Wagons are a necessity to have on a farm since they are highly versatile and have a wide range of uses. Especially for land work, wagons can be used for handling material, transporting equipment, harvesting, and many more.


Irrigation System

Water is a crucial resource, which is why it is important to have an irrigation system that provides sufficient water for use throughout the farm. Furthermore, irrigation systems are an effective way of saving water, time, and money. Especially since rainfall can vary in each area, the steady water supply from irrigation systems will prove to be highly efficient and reliable.



Harvesters, or combines, provide an efficient way of effectively harvesting multiple kinds of grain crops. Harvesters are called combines since they ingeniously combine threshing, reaping, gathering, and winnowing into one entire harvesting process.


Manure Spreader

Any number of livestock on a farm will eventually lead to some accumulated manure, which is where the manure spreader comes in handy. Manure spreaders evenly distribute thin layers of manure throughout the land, which enhances soil fertility and helps to keep flies at a minimum.


Hand and Power Tools

Farms require maintenance and constant upkeep, which is why a wide assortment of hand and power tools are a must-have. Whether a barn door needs replacing or some new fencing needs to be installed, a farm will always require repairs and some improvements over time. Hand and power tools can include the basics such as some pliers, electric drill, circular saw, tape measure, claw hammer, adjustable wrenches, screwdriver set, and a socket/ ratchet set.



Farms are expected to require much heavy work and effort, which is why there are a handful of essential tools needed for more effectively carrying out tasks on the farm. Given a handful of the must-have farm equipment from the list above, you can expect to be well-equipped and prepared for efficiently handling just about any task on the farm.

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